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Flamen 5-Piece Heavy Duty Stainless-Steel BBQ Grill Tools Set Review

Flamen 5-Piece Heavy Duty Stainless-Steel BBQ Grill Tools Set Review

The first thing people do once they’ve bought their ideal Grill, is find some ideal accessory’s. Things like Tongs, Spatula’s, Knives and other stuff of that nature. If you’re going to do something, it’s worth while doing it right, that’s for sure. So they usually find a nice set of flippers, turners and cutters and hope for the best. But, you’re not that person. No, you’ve smartly gone to a review site so you can learn about all the small print. The little details that’ll eventually mean the difference between a product that’s right for you and one you’ll want to pass by. And, in this review I’ll be letting you know whether the Flamen 5 Piece Heavy Duty Stainless-Steel BBQ Grill Tools set belongs to the former group or the latter. Read on my intrepid accessory travelers.


  • Excellent Quality Set
  • Beautiful Knife
  • Comfortable Handles
  • Doubles as Bottle Openers
  • Easy to Clean
  • Nice Price
  • Expensive Steel



  • Handles remain cool, but tools get quite hot if you leave them too close

Flamen 5-Piece Heavy Duty Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tools Set with Non-Slip Handles BEST Grilling Utensils Includes Spatula Barbecue Fork Tongs Premium Barbecue Grilling Accessories



What’s in the Box?

This set has: Tongs, 2 Spatula’s, a Knife and a BBQ Fork. You also get a Cleaning Brush to help you keep each one in good condition. Flamen describe it as ‘a functional set’ and then don’t say much more, leaving us in some kind of limbo about how good the sets quality is. See below.

Heavy duty Stainless Steel

Every manufacturer makes this claim but the fact is Steel comes in many grades and one so-called Heavy Duty item is not necessarily the same as another. Well, here the weight is a pretty respectable 2.16 pounds and the feel of the items tells me that the quality is there. They look like they’ll last a long time, particularly the Spatula, which is a well manufactured item. These are much better than the average tools you’ll find at a high street store.

What is TPR?

It’s what they make the handles on all these items out of. TPR stands for Thermoplastic Rubber and another of it uses is for Outsoles of shoes. Outsoles are the bottoms of shoes and they’re made with TPR because it’s a material that grips easily but is also soft and comfortable. It’s no surprise then that these handles are all comfortable to hold and easy to grip. Full marks to Flamen for the TPR inclusion.


Because the Steel is so good it retains heat very well. So if you leave these items close to the Grill for a long period they’ll get hot. Keep them out of reach of children who might pick one up and not use the handle.

There’s something unique about these here tools

Each one doubles as a Bottle Opener. At the end of each tool there’s a little Bottle Opener and it’s large enough to crack open a Beer while you do your cooking. The Opener is not sharp so there’s no safety risk here.

The Star of the Show

It’s got to be the Knife. Honestly this is one of the best All-found Knives on the market. It cuts everything from Steak to Vegetables and usually you need two different Knives for these jobs. It has a very sharp pointed blade that’s beveled all the way down and expertly cut, making it highly usable. The Blade is around 6 inches long and the TPR handle enables you to get a good grip for cutting sessions. Quality item.

Easy Storage

This was a claim made by Flamen and I’m not sure what they mean. They say it more than once on the website though. Look, the fact is these are quality items, but they’ll take up the same storage space as most sets of this type. They don’t fold to take up less space so this was one of the more mystifying claims.


If you need a new BBQ tool set then this is a pretty good example of one. I can’t think of a much better Knife on the market right now, than the one they have here and the other tools are all made out of quality Steel. They look and feel expensive, and the handles are easy to grip and comfortable to hold. The only problem I came across was that the Metal can get hot if you leave them close to the Grill for a long period, so store them underneath and you’ll be fine. Other than that I’ve only good news to report. Thank you for reading.

Updated: May 2, 2017 — 8:08 am

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