10 Things You Need To Know About Grilling Food

Have you been thinking about buying a grill but haven’t come to a conclusion yet? Or you already own one and would like to know how to make the best out of it. Well, this article will try and answer most if not all the questions you have about grilling. If you do not already own a grill, here are some quick tips that would help you buy the best grill. First, consider the sole purpose for the grill, is it for occasional family dinners or just BBQ summer parties? Either way, you will get one that suits your need, and some will satisfy both. Then consider the kind of foods you will be grilling. Now let’s look at the Grilling 101 – 10 Things You Need To Know about Grilling Food. This is the ultimate guide.

1. Controlling the temperature

Grilling involves cooking using an open fire. You have to ensure that you are cooking at the correct temperature so as to avoid undercooking or overcooking your steak. There are two ways to tell how hot your grill is. One, you can use the traditional hand-to-heat method which involves placing your hand above the grill at about 5 inches and counting how long it takes to withdraw your hand. The less time you take implies, the hotter the grill and vice versa. This method is not recommended, and you should just part with a few dollars and buy a barbecue thermometer. BBQ thermometers are more accurate.

2. Choice of grilling tools

Since there is a lot of heat dissipated by the grill, the tools you use should be made of poor or non-conducting materials. They could also have insulated handles to prevent you from burning.

3. Smoking tips

The whole idea of grilling is the flavor added by the smoke. There are commercial smoke flavor bars available in the market, but I wouldn’t suggest you go for those. Instead, hardwood chunks that are natural are the best. A good example is a charcoal produced from the Oak tree. It produces a mouthwatering Smokey-flavor in your beef or pork that leaves you begging for more.

4. Always keep your grill clean

This should, in fact, be the number one rule. Never grill any food be it fish pork or vegetables on a dirty grill grate. This will spoil all the flavor and the quality of food which would, in fact, bring up health issues. Maintain cleanliness.

5. Don’t take chances. Be alert!

Grills especially the charcoal one could start a fire anytime with just a single spark if not used correctly. In case the unfortunate happens always ensure there is a fire extinguisher nearby.

6. Handling the grill.

Always ensure the grill is on stable ground and cannot topple over. You do not want to share your nicely grilled steak with the pathogens and bacteria on the ground. Your grill could cause catastrophic damage if it were to fall while in operation with all that heat.


7. Do not overload your grill.

Do not place all the steaks or strips together on the grate at a go. Ensure that each piece has sufficient room so that it cooks evenly. This also makes it easy to turn over the pieces.

8. Choosing between direct or indirect heat.

Some grilling recipes will require you grill the food directly on the open fire. Others will call for indirect heat. In such a scenario use a foil paper on the grill grate then place whatever you wish to cook. Ensure you can distinguish between which foods can be cooked directly and which require indirect heat. If you are not sure, you can always consult someone experienced in the field.

9. What to wear.

Just like in other professions, there are limitations to what you can wear and what not to wear. For instance, when working on the grill, ensure there are no strips or laces hanging on your clothes. This could catch fire at any moment. Also, it is advisable if you have long hair or dreadlocks to tie it at the back. An apron should come in handy for this job, though it is not mandatory.

10. The grill

Finally, choosing the right grill depends on where and how you want to use the grill. Where? This will depend if you need an indoor grill or an outdoor grill. How means what is it that you want to grill. Is it pork, beef, or veggies? The choice is yours. There are different grills for all those purposes. It is also important to know if you are looking for a commercial grill or just for home use. Is it charcoal, gas or electric you need? Again this differs depending on the individual.
That’s about all you need to know about grilling. I believe that this article will transform you into a master griller and become the highest rated chef.