5 of the best water softener brands

Even though it could be considered as a frivolous expense, getting a water softener is an important task. It will prevent any damage to the plumbing and water appliances and also your skin and hair from the effects of the minerals present in hard water.

A typical makeup of a water softener consists of a tank that will link to your water supply line. The tank is filled at the bottom with resin beads with a brine tank on top of it that can be filled with salt or potassium chloride pellets.

As the water flows through the tank, the negatively charged resins will draw out the positively charged minerals which are then cleansed with the salt pellets which replaces the mineral ions with a salt ion (soft water is of higher salt content).

The need for water softener

There are many reasons why you need a water softener. The hard water will affect your laundry, your dishes, even your hair and skin. Sometimes it leaves mineral deposits on various water appliances and even discolouration to your laundry.

Those may be a cause of concern; there are even severe effects that could be destructive over time, especially in the plumbing system, the fixtures, and the appliances that have water running through them frequently.

So to deal with all these problems, there comes a need for the use of a water softener system.

There are majorly two kinds of water softener system, one that uses salt and one that doesn’t. The salt system works effectively and has been around for a longer time, but it could sometimes lead to a bad aftertaste and slippery, soapy feeling. The salt-free system uses filtration or an electromagnetic system and is less expensive, but they don’t process much water.

5 best water softener brands of 2020

Here are the 5 best water softener brands that will surely help you deal with your hard water problems.

Pelican water NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative System

It is a salt-free water softener system with an incredibly high level of purification and no salty aftertaste.


No electricity consumed

No salty aftertaste


It is expensive

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

This is a system that easily hooks up to any existing plumbing system and does not use any chemical and hence is environmentally conscious. It uses electromagnetic waves to break the minerals in the water.


It is salt-free

It is affordable


Unable to handle the whole water system

iSpring RCC7AK

This system uses the principle of reverse osmosis for removing the harmful chemical contaminants and replacing it with more beneficial minerals before the water is released back to your pipes.


It is affordable

It leaves beneficial minerals


Does not connect the entire water system

Abundant flow water WS-48k-91SXT 9100sxt

It is meant for larger volumes. The two tanks alternate, allowing the other to regenerate, while one works creating a steady flow of water with no interruption.


It can handle the high water volume

It gives a high level of purification


It uses salt

Aquasana Salt-free Water Conditioner

Using the Aquasana Scale Control Media (SCM) technology, it connects directly with the water pipes and softens the water by changing the structure of minerals to inactive microscopic crystal particles preventing them from binding.


Protects your pipes and appliance from build-ups

Low maintenance device


Does not actually remove the minerals from water

With this, we have provided you with a list of 5 of the best water softener brands and their pros/cons that will fix the damages caused by the minerals present in hard water.