The Ultimate Grill Buying Guide

Introduction With so many products to choose from, the grill market can be confusing for first-time buyers. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by all the jargon used by stores and on the internet, so I wrote this guide, to help first time buyers, decide which grill is best for them. I’ll … Read more

The Five Worst and Most Common Grilling Mistakes

Grills are becoming increasingly easy to use, so often the key to creating masterpieces, is cutting out those common mistakes so many people make. I’m going to take you through the five most common and completely avoidable mistakes, cookout enthusiasts make, so that you can improve the quality of your food. 1. … Read more

Learn the Secrets to Perfectly Grilled/Barbecued Pork

  What Meat Cuts to Grill/Barbecue Grilling usually involves a high heat and a short cooking time, choosing the right cut of pork for your grill/barbecue is essential. Suitable cuts are Tenderloin, lean, tender meat that is quick to cook, extra care needs to be taken to ensure it does not dry … Read more

How To Grill Steaks Like A Michelin Star Chef

Most people think the best steaks are all cooked by top chefs at restaurants, but with a little knowledge, anyone can cook the perfect steak at home on their grill. I’m going to lay out a few hints and tips, that if followed, will turn your steaks, into masterpieces. 1. Step One: … Read more

Five Top tricks For Grilling For A Hearty Meal

Granted some people have called it Primitive Cooking since all one needs are wood, fire and the wood! Yap, no knobs and no dials not even digital timers attached to the appliances. But some foods are best grilled. This provides one good reason why anyone should reconnect with our Stone Age roots. … Read more

5 Things You Should Never Do With A Propane or Charcoal Grill

  Grilling can be very exciting, and grilled food tastes great, but grills can also be very dangerous, so I’ve written the following guide to advise people about what not to do, with a Propane or Charcoal Grill.  1.  Never take them indoors to cook.  This may seem like common sense to … Read more