Tips and Tricks to Use a Grill Pan

Tips and Tricks to Use a Grill Pan

Grill pans are one of the most useful cookware which you must have in the kitchen. Don’t have a patio or it’s too hot to barbecue outside? A grill pan is the answer to your barbecue cravings without having to go outside. Vegetables, steaks, burger patties… you name it, they can all … Read more

Why Would I Want a Pellet Grill?

A modern pellet grill

If you love grilling and barbequing, you’re probably on the lookout for the best equipment to help you out. Grilling on a proper cooker can make the process much more enjoyable and the result even more delicious. This is why many grilling enthusiasts are now looking at purchasing a pellet grill for … Read more

Tips for Maintaining a Ceramic Grill

Ceramic grills are gaining popularity among those who want a different, better barbequing experience. These grills are able to heat up much more quickly and even retain higher temperatures than the regular kind. The results are delicious and authentic, especially when you want a proper sear to your meat before cooking it. … Read more

Why Would I Need a Gas and Charcoal Combination Grill

A steak being grilled on top of a grate

If you’re passionate about properly grilling your food to get the most out of it, you’re probably wondering which type of grill will suit you best. We’ve got conventional outdoor grills for backyard parties, and we’ve also got charbroiler grills for people who want to stay indoors. But then we get into … Read more

What Spices Are in the Fiesta Hamburger Deluxe Seasoning?

Make your own tasty burger with the Fiesta Hamburger Deluxe Seasoning

The trend of fast food has increased over the past many years. People are more indulged towards buying or preparing fast food such as burgers as compared to the dishes that require a longer time in preparation. However, making a burger in the right way such that its taste and aroma are … Read more

How to Throw an Awesome Barbecue Party

outdoor barbecue party

Throwing a barbecue party is a fun way to gather up your family and friends during the weekend or during a holiday. If you’ve got a raise from work, been promoted, received a bonus, or maybe won in an online casino like Intertops Casino Bonus, throwing a barbecue party is one of … Read more

Guide to 4-in-1 Grills

cooking and grilling foods using a 4 in 1 grill

If you love barbecuing, then you probably wondered what the best equipment option there is for you. It is indeed great if you can enjoy grilling all year round, but to make it possible, you need to have a good grill. Maybe this is the reason why combo grills are made because … Read more

Repairing and Welding Your Grill

Wear and tear in a barbecue grill is common. Seasonal changes, moisture, and numerous other factors can wear out your grill. In this situation, you may think about buying a new grill. To save money, you have to evaluate the actual problem with your grill. Find out if you can repair it … Read more