Best Barbecue Party Games – The American Way!

Cooking outdoors isn’t all about the food. Sure it’s great to tuck into some amazing Sausages and even better to have a big burger covered in your favorite sauce, but cooking outdoors is also about having fun with friends. One of the ways you can do this is by playing BBQ party games, but they play different games in different places so the games change depending on where you go. As a long-time griller, I thought I’d bring them all together in one place, by picking out the five best barbecue party games and describing to you how to play. Some of them you’ll know, others you won’t and I promise that once you start playing you’ll enjoy all of them, so without further delay here is your top five barbecue party games.

1. Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt

The best game is one that brings most people together and Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt certainly does that. It’s so popular that you can even get these cool Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt hooded tops called Last Night Out Scavenger Hunt. Young and old can play so there are no age restrictions and it’s a super-fun game that can be as short or as long as you want it too. It’s really simple to learn and it goes a little something like this. You split all the participants into as many teams as you like, and there are no rules about who can be in them so it can be boys against girls, adults against kids or family vs family. Then you have someone not involved in the game who places items all around the neighborhood. These items can be put in houses if you’re ok with that, or in gardens; basically anywhere as long as they’re well hidden. The first team to find all the items is the one that wins and you decide what prizes they get. It’s a lot of fun but make sure you don’t forget the food.


Best Barbecue Party Games

2. Cornhole

The second best barbecue game is Cornhole and its beauty is in its simplicity. You get a raised board with a hole in it large enough for a small bag of corn or a beanbag to fit through. Then you take turns trying to throw the cornhole bags into the hole. You can buy your own Cornhole set very cheaply but many people make them, although you must have some basic woodwork skills to do this. If you’re buying one I’d recommend the GoSports CornHole Beanbag Toss Game Set because it’s a terrific design and comes from a quality company so it’ll last a long time. Again, anyone can play and you can make teams, or play in a knockout format where people go up against each other until only two are left and they play the final. Great fun for everybody, and if you think you’ve heard of this before under a different name you’re probably right because it’s also called: Doghouse, Baggo and Dummy Boards and Bean Bags.

3. Bandanna Tag

Make sure you don’t play this game near cooking food or near anything that might hurt somebody because it can get quite wild. Also, you should make sure teams are divided equally according to age and size so no team has any starting advantage. Once you’ve found a safe place and decided on your teams the fun can begin. Here’s how it works. Get some Bandana’s or pieces of cloth, so imagine you have 5 Yellow Bandanna’s and 5 red Bandanna’s, then you’ve got enough for two teams of 5. The goal is to touch and pull out all of the other teams Bandanna’s before they get a hold of all the Bandanna’s your team has. The winner is the team holding above their heads all of the opposing team’s Bandannas. It can get rough, but it’s great exercise while you build up an appetite and you can give out whatever prizes you like to the winner. When I play I go full patriotic with the Better Line American Flag Bandanna because they’re American made and look good, but you decide which Bandanna’s you like.



4. Giant Inflatable BowlingBowling

I’d get the Etna Giant Inflatable Bowling Set for this because it’s huge and bigger is better when it comes to Giant Bowling. Basically, you split up into teams and play a game of bowling on the lawn and there’s not much more to it than that, but it’s huge fun. If anyone isn’t familiar with the rules of bowling, you have to knock over as many pins as you can with your ball. If you knock all 12 down then you’ve scored a strike which is 30 points and for the rest of the points, the Etna Giant Bowling set comes to a complete breakdown. Basically the more pins you knock down the more points you get, and it’s completely up to you, as to how far players bowl from.

5. Horseshoe

Why not get the Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set so that you can play one of America’s favorite games outside with the family. The rules are straightforward so the game entails throwing a Horseshoe at a stick. You can place the stick as far away from your throwing position as you like and with the Champions Set, you can even play two games at once because you get two lots of Horseshoes and sticks. Get into teams or play singles, you can even organize the points system any way you want. So it could be 10 throws each team with a partial hit gaining five points and a direct hit wrapping the Horseshoe around the stick gaining 10 points, or something else of your choosing. It’s a great game to play, especially if you’ve got drinks in your hands.

Final Words – I leave you with these:

Each of these games is tremendous fun so you could play them all or just choose one. I’d play them all because the things you need are really very cheap and they take BBQ’s up to the next level. There’s only one rule you’ve got to stick to and that is to have fun at all times and don’t take competition too seriously. But if you do happen to be serious about competition, make sure you seriously beat the competition. Thank you for reading.