Funny Grilling Aprons for Women

Many women are grilling enthusiasts, and a funny apron makes this activity even more enjoyable. Of course, an apron that you wear while grilling should be durable and as comfortable as possible. A lady’s apron has specific requirements; we want them to be comfy yet stylish. Plus, it’s best if the apron’s … Read more

Guide to 4-in-1 Grills

cooking and grilling foods using a 4 in 1 grill

If you love barbecuing, then you probably wondered what the best equipment option there is for you. It is indeed great if you can enjoy grilling all year round, but to make it possible, you need to have a good grill. Maybe this is the reason why combo grills are made because … Read more

Do You Need a Charcoal and Gas Combo Grill?

Do You Need a Charcoal and Gas Combo Grill

Those who are passionate about grilling have usually invested a lot into their equipment. They might even have several kinds of grills on hand for every barbequing need.  However, not everyone has enough space or the budget to get a wide range of grills for their requirements. Some types are best for … Read more

A Guide to Meat Cooking Levels

Meat being grilled on the grilling screen

Everyone has a preference when it comes to food. Some like their food spicy and others might like it mild. Same is the case when we talk about meat cooking levels, or in other words, the doneness of meat. The more experience you have, the more accurately you can tell how cooked … Read more

Guide to Picking and Choosing Pellet Grills

Guide to Picking and Choosing Pellet Grills

So, you’ve been barbecuing on charcoal and gas grills, but what is that people keep telling you about pellet grills? What the heck are pellets? How do they work? Most importantly, what is the best pellet grill options to invest in? If you’re too embarrassed to ask people about it, we’re here … Read more

Top 10 Best Electric Grills

Top 10 Best Electric Grills

Do you find it uncomfortable to cook in a lot of smoke? If you want to have a delicious grilled meal without creating smoke in your patio or backyard, then an electric grill is a great solution for you. Irrespective of where you cook your food at, indoors or outdoors, an electric … Read more

Top 3 Best Cheap Ceramic or Kamado Grill

Char Griller Akorn Jr. Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill Review

People used to want simplicity from grills. If they could set a few steaks on there and enjoy some juicy Burgers, the average consumer was as happy as a pig in the mud. Believe me, I used to want the same thing from my grill. Fast-forward decades later and we want more. … Read more

Top 5 Smokeless Grills – The Very Best On Offer

Top 5 Smokeless Grills

The challenge for Indoor Grill manufacturers used to be to create something small enough to fit inside the kitchen. Then it was to build models capable of producing results comparable to outdoor Charcoal Grills. Many said this was impossible but there have been great leaps forward and now the best models are … Read more


Smoke Hollow 4 in 1 LP Gas Charcoal Smoker Searing Grill Review

These multi-use Grills are designed for two kinds of buyer. Either buyers who aren’t committed to one specific type if Grilling and like to traverse between Charcoal, Smoking, and Gas. Or, buyers who want lots of space but don’t want to spend thousands. Some end up a jack of all trades and … Read more

Funny Grilling Aprons For Men

Funny grilling aprons for me

Are you planning a camping vacation soon, or probably just an outdoor party in your backyard? If, yes am pretty sure you will be grilling something. Grilling is one of the best alternatives to cooking with oil. It involves cooking foods such as beef, pork, fish, vegetables or bread on a grill … Read more

Best Charcoal And Gas Grill Combo

Combo grills are extremely difficult to manufacture and as a result a little more expensive than single-purpose grills, but they do combine the best of both worlds. Think of it as owning a mobile phone with both a touchscreen and a keypad. Now the fact is, most people have difficulty choosing a … Read more