Five Top tricks For Grilling For A Hearty Meal

Granted some people have called it Primitive Cooking since all one needs are wood, fire and the wood! Yap, no knobs and no dials not even digital timers attached to the appliances. But some foods are best grilled. This provides one good reason why anyone should reconnect with our Stone Age roots. Just imagine a plate of grilled salmon on your table or a well grilled piece of yummy beef or even arrow roots? But what are the tips to consider for an appetizing meal well grilled?



Take overall safety precautions

If you are building the fire in your backyard, wisdom dictates you first check with your fire department. Just confirm if there are any ordinances against it and if so what are they? Check too with your neighbors; some people especially asthmatics have trouble breathing when there is too much smoke next door. Of course check too on the direction and speed of the wind so that you are able to manage the fire and the smoke

Use the correct method to light your fire

Don’t douse your coals in liquid fuel for them to light faster. Irrespective of the marketing in support of this approach, note after the initial eruption of a cloud of fire, the flames quickly subside and die. You will be frustrated into taking desperate measures of squirting more of the lighter fuel on the coals in an attempt to keep the fire going. So instead of that, what you really need is a chimney starter. Place some crumpled papers underneath the coals, set the newspapers on fire and let natural oxygen play its part.

Manage your fire appropriately

Once your coals are glowing spread your fire evenly. This ensures there no-over cooked and under-cooked parts of the longed for delicacy. Make sure you clean the grill before placing it on the fire. With the fire now on preheat the grill for the fire to transfer some heat to the grill. This way your food has much less chance of sticking to the metallic grill.Five Top tricks For Grilling For A Hearty Meal

Be careful, too much fire is not the way to go, create some reasonable distance between the hot coals and what you are grilling. On this you can try the two zone fire approach to grill your food deliciously. Flames will spoil the cooking. They leave sooty nasty tasting deposits on the surface of your food. Control those flames and just let he coals glow generously!



Right timing for spicing

Avoid the temptation to add flavor to your delicacy too early in the cooking. For instance the barbeque sauce starts to burn and turns acrid way before your meat is even near to completion. It will form a layer of blackened soot on what was once a delicacy!

Be Patient with your meal

Do not poking your meal with your fingers to check whether it’s done! Get your self the right tools for the job. At least they have the standard calibrations for your use. In any case why burn your fingers. With the meal well grilled, its time to serve! Let the meat rest off the grill before serving it. Then wow! Eat hearty!