Location Tips to Set up Your New Gas Grill

The smell of grilled meat in the outdoors can get anyone’s taste buds drooling. That’s probably why grilling tops the to-do-lists of so many people, especially in the summer. Once you have the best gas grill, it’s time to set it up somewhere keeping safety and accessibility in mind. This guide aims to help you set up your grill without risking safety of others and covers different factors you should consider before starting the party.

Safety First

Make sure to connect the tank correctly before setting up a gas grill. The gas line should be properly attached and there should be no damage to the line. Check the grill thoroughly to ensure there is no fault in the machine. There should also be no cracks or gaps in the frame as it can cause gas leakage, which obviously can be dangerous. 

Using a gas grill indoors is a bad idea as most grills are designed for outdoor use. Keeping a fire extinguisher nearby is also a good idea as it keeps you prepared for any untoward incidents. Since safety is the top priority when setting up the grill, everyone should keep children and untrained folks away from the grill.

Choose an Appropriate Location

Selecting a location to use a gas grill is perhaps the most important part of the process as setting it up just anywhere outside might not be enough. That’s because not all areas are equally suitable for grilling. Factors such as accessibility, safety, and ease of access have to be considered when setting up a gas grill.

Following are some important factors you should consider before setting up a gas grill.

1. Avoid placing it near structures and high-activity areas

Everyone loves having a grill outside their home. However, it’s not such as good idea to set it up in a close proximity of your house. There is always a danger of flames running out. If there are structures (especially wooden) nearby, they might also be at risk. Avoid setting it up near high-activity areas as there is a danger of individuals tripping over the appliance and injuring themselves. Placing it at a safe distance can save you from these risks.

2. There should be enough room for a grilling platform

Every grill requires a platform for proper placement, which is a stable base on which you place the grill. It could be a slab of cement or made of other ‘hard’ materials. The platform prevents flaming food or coals from dropping to the ground and prevents fires from breaking out. The location for the grill must have enough space for properly placing the platform.

3. Don’t put it very far away

Although the grill should be placed away from buildings and high-activity areas, setting it up too far away is also not recommended. Maintaining an appropriate distance is important, but we also cannot ignore the fact that grilling is usually a social event. You want your friends and family to be seated near you and placing the grill very far away can be detrimental to your interactions.

4. Remove flammable debris from that location

Grills should be not be placed near stuff such as branches, low lying trees and man-made materials such as rubbish bins. Removing all such things help prevent a fire hazard and ensure a clean and safer grilling experience.

5. Plenty of shade

Grills and good sunlight go along pretty well. However, you would not want to be drenched in heat. Place the grill in a location that has plenty of shade. Staying under a shade not only helps you stay hydrated, but it also reduces the effects of heat produced by the grill. Another potential implication is that the gas tank won’t heat up too much to a point of becoming a safety risk.

In addition to the safety factors, your guests will also thank you for the shade. Everyone likes to have a chilly day out of the office that’s why it’s important to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for them.

6. Stay hydrated

Grilling being an extensive activity involves a lot of sweat and bodily fluids, which can be taxing on your health and hydration. Keep water readily available in coolers or through other means. Other hydrating beverages such as iced tea can also be useful, but that’s just a matter of personal preference as the important thing is to stay hydrated. Also ensure that you are close enough to a residential unit, preferably your home so you don’t have to rush to different places in case you run out of water.

7. Hygiene

No one wants to eat in an unhygienic place. People should be able to wash their hands without having to travel long distances. If there is no washroom available nearby, investing in a portable sink is a good solution, especially when there are children around. 

Keep stock of hand sanitizers so chefs and everyone at the party can wash their hands without having to go inside the house every now and then. If no sink is available, there are alternatives such as a water cooler with some lemon added to the liquid or a drip bucket and towel.

8. Multiple grills

There is one more thing to consider if you need to serve a lot of people i.e. more than one grill. Look for a location that can accomodate more than one grill. There should be significant room for movement and safety must be prioritized regardless of the number of grills being used.


Grilling is an extensive activity and requires certain safety considerations. In addition to the aforementioned factors, make sure to preheat the grill and avoid starting the party with a dirty grill. Hotter is not always the best option so use the grill dials wisely. Avoid opening/closing the grill lid too frequently as it can result in necessary delays and loss of heat. While it takes some practice and time to master the art of grilling, safety should always remain the top priority regardless of your skills and experience.