Tips and Tricks to Use a Grill Pan

Grill pans are one of the most useful cookware which you must have in the kitchen. Don’t have a patio or it’s too hot to barbecue outside? A grill pan is the answer to your barbecue cravings without having to go outside.

Vegetables, steaks, burger patties… you name it, they can all be cooked on a grill pan. Best of all, the chargrilled marks add to the presentation taste of your cooked dish. So folks, the next time you want to impress someone at your next dinner party; use a grill pan to cook your favorite dishes.

However, using a grill pan is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are some tricks to pull off cooking in a grill pan.

Hence in this article, we would talk about all the tips which you need to know about using a grill pan.

Let’s get started!

Tips on How to Use a Grill Pan

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Season the Grill Pan

Although grill pans have a nonstick surface, you should still season them often. Seasoning grill pans adds another protective layer to the surface. This prevents the food from sticking, repels rust, and removes any contaminants that might be left even after you have washed the pan. Furthermore, by seasoning your pan from time to time, the life span of your cookware would increase as well.

Preheat the Grill Pan

You’ll be surprised to know that several individuals make the mistake of not heating their pan before usage. This is a big mistake!

Preheat the grill pan for just 5-10 minutes and this would help you get the charred edges on your meat which you were aiming to get. This would also add more flavors to your dish and will taste exactly like you grilled the food outside

Choosing the Perfect Grill Pan

If it’s your first time buying a grill pan then you’re in for one tough decision! If you go to a home department store to purchase a grill pan; you would find various shapes, sizes, and colored pans. However, we have a few suggestions that you should look into before making the final choice.

Find One with Raised Ridges

Isn’t the whole point of using a grill pan to get char-grilled flavors and marks on your meal? A grill pan with raised ridges would provide more seared marks.

Go With a Square Grill Pan

Grill pans come in several shapes; round, oval, or square. We recommend that you buy a square grill pan as it has a larger surface area and can accommodate more food items at one time.

Pick a Pan that Comes With a Lid

Many grill pans do not come with a lid; however, we suggest getting a grill pan that has a lid. Putting the lid on the pan would prevent the smoke and heat to escape, hence retaining more flavors in the food being cooked.

Cut Thin Slices of Food

The last thing you want to be is embarrassed by serving your guests with raw food. Cooking on a grill pan isn’t a stroll in the park! There is a high chance that the food remains raw in the middle while being cooked from the outside.

Take advice from us and to prevent this from happening, cut your food in very thin slices.

Be it vegetables or even a steak; rather than putting a whole chunk of it on the pan, cut thin slices.

Do Not Put Oil in the Pan

Confused? Well, this is a misconception among many people that they brush the entire pan with oil. If you do this, you’ll risk burning your food.

Therefore, to add oil; brush it on your food. This way there would be less chance of the food getting burnt and it won’t stick on the surface either.

Furthermore, avoid using oil that has a low smoking point. Opt for avocado or olive oil as they have a high smoking point.

Avoid Moving the Food Unnecessarily

One of the top tips of cooking food on a grill pan is that you do not move the steaks or vegetables. Just flip them once or twice and you’ll have an amazing dish.

The trick is to let one side cook fully before flipping it.

Washing the Grill Pan

Never use a hard sponge while scrubbing the pan, always use a soft sponge. Also, do not put your grill pan in a dishwasher. It should always be hand-washed. Use hot water and wipe it dry with a dish towel before putting it away.

Storing the Grill Pan

Avoid stacking the grill pan on top of other pots and pans in the kitchen. You’ll risk damaging the grill pan. Keep it on a separate shelf or a cabinet.

Moreover, do not keep the grill pan in a humid or wet area. This way the pan can become rusty.

Time to Grill Away!

Everyone has their way of grilling and utilizing a grill pan. However, if you follow the above tips; your food cooked on the grill pan would be the talk of the town!