How Do Legends Cook Lamb in Australia?

Australians relish tender and succulent lamb as the country offers the best quality at relatively affordable rates. The popularity of lamb can be gauged because it is today the meat of choice in Australia.

There are a variety of lamb cuts to choose from, which include:

  • Flavorful lamb ribs that slow cook to perfection
  • Lamb neck cuts which are ideal for stews
  • Versatile forequarter for roasting
  • Lamb rack for slow roasting, grilling, or frying
  • The tender short loin is suited for high heat grilling and roasting
  • Lamb chops are perfect for pan-frying
  • Tenderloin can be roasted whole
  • The leg is another tender portion great for roasting
  • Lamb shank, when slow-cooked in liquid, produces unique flavors

Aussie lamb pairs very well with mint sauce, a seasonal salad, and roasted vegetables. A classic lamb roast is invariably served with red wine or a strong beer. Culinary legends, like, in Australia most often resort to certain methods to cook this versatile meat. The following are the methods adopted by legends like

Grill or Barbecue

You can either cook your lamb on an open barbecue or in a grill preheated to medium-high heat. This cooking style produces flavorful results pretty quickly and is used by professional chefs when time is not on their side.

By inserting a reliable meat thermometer, these experts check how far the lamb is cooked inside. They ideally remove the grilled or barbecued lamb when it is ten degrees short of the desired temperature and allow it to rest. During this resting phase, the residual heat cooks the meat to perfection.

Braise or Slow Cook

Here the lamb is slow-cooked in a flavorful liquid to break down its fibers, tenderize the meat, and elevate its taste. First, these Australian culinary geniuses brown or sear the lamb in fat before incorporating the braising liquid.

After that, using a tight-fitting lid, the lamb slowly cooks over low heat to prevent all the precious liquid from evaporating. Less tender cuts of lamb like the shank and shoulder are best cooked in this manner. You know the meat is cooked when it shreds effortlessly with a fork.

Roast or Oven Cook

Lamb, when cooked uncovered in an oven, produces a well-browned exterior and a moist interior. You will mostly see cooking legends in Australia use the lamb rack, leg or loin on the bone, for oven roasting.

Searing a piece of lamb smeared with herbs, spices, and seasoning over the stove caramelizes the outer skin and keeps the meat moist from inside. Subsequently, transferring the seared lamb into a preheated oven and consistently basting it with its juices cooks it through to the desired extent.

With the meat thermometer, these legends decipher the internal temperature reached so they can pull out the lamb at the appropriate time. The cooking temperature and cooking time depend on the chosen cut of meat.

Australian lamb legends always commence their cook after bringing their meat to room temperature. They also sometimes mince their lamb to create divine burgers and kebabs.

Lamb leftovers taste great, too, so there is no wastage of the heavenly produce associated with this continent. Join the online Australian lamb community and get inspiration from the legends who demonstrate their unique styles of cooking their favourite meat.