How to Throw an Awesome Barbecue Party

Throwing a barbecue party is a fun way to gather up your family and friends during the weekend or during a holiday. If you’ve got a raise from work, been promoted, received a bonus, or maybe won in an online casino like Intertops Casino Bonus, throwing a barbecue party is one of the best ways to celebrate with your loved ones. And you can also throw one even if you’re just craving for some grilled meat and the company of the people you love. 

If you are looking for ways on how you can organize an amazing barbecue party for your family or friends, you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to give you tips on how to throw an awesome barbecue party. And we can also guarantee that this expert private investigator is capable of solving your family or business-related problems the soonest time possible.

Get Your Grill Ready for the Party

grilling meat outdoors

One of the things you need to prepare for your barbecue party is the grill that you will be using. Make sure that you clean off the grill grate and empty out its ash catchers. To prevent the foods from sticking, you can also season the grate with some oil. For more information, you can check our Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Grill

Decide on the Food that You’ll Be Serving

One of the most important things that you need to think about when throwing a barbecue party is the food varieties that you will serve your guests. You can have impressive side dishes like corn, mac and cheese, and spicy fried potatoes. You can also research about quick barbecue recipes for your party. Grilling is the main event in your party. However, it shouldn’t take all day. Therefore, it’s good if you can find recipes that one takes 30 minutes. Having some party dips is also a great idea. You can prepare a jalapeño dip or other sauces that will match the meat you will be cooking. 

Another idea we can recommend is hosting a potluck. It is when everyone will bring a dish to pass. This can take off a lot of pressure from you, and everyone will have a chance to share family favorites. For example, you, as a host, can cook the main dishes, such as ribs, burgers, and hotdogs. Then, your guests can provide beverages, dessert, and side dishes. 

different grilled foods

Set the Table Creatively

To make your party look more alive and fun, you can set up the table in a creative manner. One way is to use a pretty tablecloth on your picnic table. You can also place a fun centerpiece, such as flowers and other decorations that you can find around the house. If you want family-style dining, you can also place the side dishes on the table. 

Make Sure the Drinks are Kept Cold

Another great barbecue party idea is getting inexpensive drinks cozies from the store. Then, keep the bottles and cans in the fridge inside your home, or fill up large coolers with ice to hold them. If you are hosting a larger party, then you can set up a kiddie pool filled with ice to keep all the bottled and canned drinks cold throughout the party. 

Keep Everyone Safe from the Elements

When you cook and eat outdoors, a few issues may arise, such as the bright sun and some pesky bugs trying to join your party. To avoid ants from crawling on foods, you can cover food in aluminum foil and keep the lids on containers. You can also keep citronella candles or plants around the area to keep mosquitoes at bay. 

Also, when throwing a barbecue party, you need to be prepared depending on the time of the day. For example, if your party is during lunchtime, then you can set up a canopy or other sunshade to keep everyone cool. If your party is for dinner at night, then you can string up lights around the area to keep the place bright and beautiful. 

Prepare Games for Everyone to Enjoy

While the burgers and hotdogs are cooking, kids and adults alike would surely love to play lawn games. Therefore, to be able to throw an awesome barbecue party, you also need to prepare some games for everyone. You can opt for games like cornhole, croquet, and badminton. To make it more fun, you can also host party games where everyone can participate. Having small prizes will also add up to the fun and thrill of the games. These games can also make your barbecue party more alive. 

Have Options for Cooling Off

This is great so that no one will pass out from heat exhaustion and can also add up to the fun of your party. You can have hoses and sprinklers ready if even your guests might want to cool off. You can also set up a large inflatable pool where everyone can chill with a few drinks after eating. Or maybe prepare water guns filled with ice for a fun shooting game. 

These are some of the best tips we can give on how to throw an awesome barbecue party. If you are prepared, throwing an outdoor barbecue will be very simple and easy for you. We hope the tips we shared will be able to help you with hosting an unforgettable barbecue party for your family and friends.