Best Foods to Serve in a BBQ Party

There is nothing better to celebrate a special occasion than by hosting a BBQ party at home, whether you prefer a charcoal or a gas grill. A BBQ party is often held for family members to come together and have fun eating delicious food, and it is also a way to unwind and forget all about the stress related to office or school life. Of course, a BBQ wouldn’t be complete without some grilled food, so for this guide, we have created a list of the best foods that you can serve in a BBQ party. No matter what food is cooked for the BBQ party, it will still bring pure joy for those who have attended the event.


Considered as the “mother of all barbecue meats,” the brisket is a staple of BBQ parties despite it being quite difficult to cook compared to other dishes. Brisket is often hard to cook because the meat used for it is so thick that it may come out raw if it is not cooked well. If you have mastered how to cook a brisket, then you should consider yourself a BBQ pitmaster. There is a saying that the harder the food is to cook, the better its taste is, and this saying could be applied to the brisket, as it is the tastiest and juiciest type of barbecue out of the others found on this list.


Another well-known BBQ food item, the sausage is typically ground meat that is stuffed in edible casings. Being one of the oldest BBQ foods, the sausage has been seen in thousands of BBQ parties around the world. The most common meats used for sausages are pork and beef, but there are also chicken sausages that are not as popular. Sausages can be served on its own, or it can be placed in the middle of a hotdog bun along with famous condiments like mustard and pickled relish.

Spare Ribs

A bigger and meatier cousin of baby back ribs, spare ribs are served differently in each state in the US. Those who live in Kansas City may be familiar with the tomato sauce-smothered spare ribs, while those who are in Memphis are more used to the dry-style spare ribs where the herbs and spices are applied after cooking the meat. Some families even have their own recipes on how to cook spare ribs, and you may be even surprised that your parents or grandparents have one.

Grilled Chicken

Although it is not usually seen in BBQs, grilled chicken is a favorite of many. The way chicken is cooked vastly differs from pork and meat, as you shouldn’t cook it medium rare since that is unhealthy for poultry, but it shouldn’t also be overcooked since it can become dry pretty quickly. Because of how difficult it is to grill chicken, most BBQ parties would omit it on the menu. However, just like the brisket, if you know how to prepare grilled chicken properly, you will be met with praise among your friends and family.


For those who don’t eat pork, beef, or chicken, you may want to serve them coleslaw instead. Coleslaw is a well-known side dish for BBQ foods, although they can be eaten on their own depending on the eater’s taste. This dish is also quite easier to prepare, as you just need to chop some vegetables, mix it with salad dressing, and play casino games at Fair Go Casino login while waiting for it to cool in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, vegetarians can’t eat regular coleslaw since it contains mayonnaise, which is made from eggs, but there are hundreds of vegan-friendly coleslaw recipes online that you might want to check out so that you can serve food for your vegan friends or relatives.

Barbecue Baked Beans

The second relatively healthy food option for a BBQ party is the baked beans, a dish that consists of either tomato sauce or barbecue sauce and beans that are baked to perfection. Similar to the coleslaw, there are also vegan recipes for baked beans found online, so if you want the vegetarians in your party to have more options to eat, you can prepare both the coleslaw and the baked beans.

Potato Salad

BBQ party setting with sausages and potato salad

Even though it is not as well-received as the coleslaw in a BBQ party, the potato salad still has a few fans in dozens of families in the United States. Typically served for lunch or dinner, the potato salad eventually found its way in BBQ plates because of how well it compliments meats. It is tasty, but it does not overpower the flavor of the meat that it accompanies, hence the reason why it is the perfect BBQ side dish. The potato salad is also vegan-friendly, so now there are three dishes for vegans and non-meat eaters to choose from.

Pulled Pork

Probably the easiest to cook out of all barbecue meats, pulled pork has been a popular BBQ party dish ever since the BBQ-loving people of North Carolina introduced it a long time ago. Pulled pork is sometimes eaten without any sauces, but most people would probably glaze it already with barbecue sauce once they laid their eyes upon it. Unlike bony barbecue meats, pulled pork is soft yet juicy, which is why children love eating pulled pork instead of the other staple BBQ food items.

These are eight of the best foods that you can cook and serve in your BBQ. You can cook only one dish indicated on the list, and it will be enough to satisfy the cravings of those you invited, but it is better to prepare more so that they will have plenty of options to eat.