The Best Grilling Essentials You Need For Top Tasting Food

With the grill market being so crowded, often choosing a grill is very difficult, and then added to this, is choosing the right accessories to go with it. Especially for newcomers to grilling, and frequently for long-time enthusiasts, the sheer amount of accessories available can be mystifying, but I’m here to help. I’m going to take you through a few reliable, durable, and most importantly functional and useful accessories, you can buy now to improve your grilling experience. 

1. Cast iron grates

Lots of grills already have these, but if yours doesn’t, then you need them. They come relatively cheaply, and are the best grates for cooking food evenly and quickly. You’ll notice the difference in taste.

2. A great cookbook

Even grill veteran’s can still learn new things, and often the learning experience is the best part of owning a grill. So, get out of your comfort zone, and experiment with new ideas you never thought you where capable of trying, or add a new twist to an old dish. If you’re a fan of steaks, or ribs, there’s some terrific cookbooks out there, with amazing seasoning combinations and grilling advice, that will take your meat to the next level. 

3. Bear Paws

Some people might be wondering what these are, but they attach to your hand, and look exactly like the paws Bears have. Their function is to shred meat, and also to hold meat while you carve. They are very cheap, and perfect for making sandwich’s, and generally for scraping every last piece of meat off the bone. A must-have accessory for every grill owner.

4. Cooking Stones

This an extension to the cast iron grates; cooking stones comes in many different forms including lava, and salt. You place them on the grates, and they help air to move around the cooking surface more evenly, and have the extra benefit of acting to prevent flare-ups. 

5. Silicone grilling gloves

Most gloves, protect from heat adequately, but still let some through, causing burns. The best gloves on the market at the moment are made out of Silicone, and they protect up to 450 degree’s, ensuring complete safety while grilling. The best part of this is, that they can also be used inside the house with the oven, so even if you don’t grill that much, they will certainly be useful.

6. Long Spatula

With flare-ups and a lots of heat produced from your grill, the further away from you are from the cooking surface, when turning and taking out food; the safer you’ll be. Try to get a spatula with a bamboo or thick rubber handle, as these are both reasonably priced, and will not get too hot. 

7. Barbecue Stand

Cooking surfaces a pretty large these days, so most grill owners don’t run out of cooking space, but especially on days when lots of friends and family visit, one can easily run out of space for food already cooked. Get a stand, made out of metal, which will assist you in keeping food hot, while providing the extra room you need. Simply place it next to the grill, and haul food in there, so you can use your shelves for prep and cutting. 

8. Non-stick Fork

There’s no point in buying a grill with perfect non-stick grates, if you have a fork that’s going to stick. I’d recommend a long fork, so you can stand back, away from the heat, and one with a heat resistant handle. When your buying a fork, don’t trust the front of the packaging, because some that say ‘non-stick’ will in practise stick. A genuine non-stick fork will have something on the back identifying it as such, with the term ‘non-stick coating’.

I hope these are of some help to buyers, as these are absolute essentials for a perfect grilling experience. While you may be inundated with recommendations for accessory’s, as long as you have the essentials, you can build from there, accumulating more accessory’s along the way. Remember, with turning implements, long and heat resistant handles are a must buy, Bear Paws are the best for shredding, everything should be non-stick, and Silicone is what you need for gloves.