What equipment do you need for cooking and grilling while camping?


Outdoor cooking and grilling are one of the most enjoyable camping activities. Nothing compares to the flavor of freshly grilled meat or vegetables while taking in the beauty of nature. The use of conventional indoor grilling appliances in the great outdoors is neither practicable nor safe, therefore grilling when camping needs the use of specialist equipment.

It is important to have the proper tools on hand for a successful and comfortable grilling session while camping. Every camp grill expert should think about packing a few necessary goods, such as portable barbecues and cooking utensils. It is also important to take into consideration factors like the equipment’s size and weight, the accessibility of fuel supplies, and any potential risks related to outdoor cooking.

In this article, we will go through the necessary gear, such as portable grills, fuel sources, cooking utensils, and safety gear, required for grilling while camping. Additionally, we will offer some advice on how to maximize your outdoor cooking experience as well as how to stay safe while grilling in the great outdoors. This guide will assist you in getting ready for an enjoyable and delicious outdoor cooking experience, regardless of whether you are an experienced camper or new to the griller.

Grilling equipment for camping

If you are well-prepared, cooking outside while camping may be an exciting and delightful experience. It takes skill to acquire all of the necessary equipment, load it into your automobile, and then set up camp when you reach your destination. To eat big meals at the end of a day’s worth of activity, you can very much bring your full kitchen into the woods if you have the benefit of a vehicle.

Here is our list of everything you will need for cooking on your upcoming camping trip. 

Grilled food

Camp stove and fuel

Heat is arguably the most important aspect of outdoor cooking. Even though some people prefer to cook over a campfire, it is still advisable to have a good stove and enough of fuel. When you reach your intended location, there might be a fire ban in effect or just no excellent wood available for burning.

Many people opt for the compact “Jet Boil” style burners, which are perfect for people who are wearing backpacks. But if you have room to spare, it is advised to get a sizable 2-ring propane burner. They are highly effective and allow you to simultaneously use two pots. Select one with a wind-guard addition for additional thermal protection.

Cooking pots

A smart place to start when preparing for a camping trip is with two pots (each with a different capacity) and one frying pan. You should be able to cook the majority of your favorite dishes outdoors with this setup. Start with this if you have never cooked outside before, and just add more pans after you are certain you will use them, so you do not waste money or space.

Many brands offer lightweight, strong, and stackable cooking pots for you to enjoy if you are concerned about weight and extra space. Choose models with a lid incorporated to assist things to heat up more quickly and a foldable handle for simple storage.

Spend money on quality pots and pans. Many knockoffs might include hazardous coatings or plastics that melt when exposed to heat.

Cutlery and utensils

For eating, use knives, forks, and spoons. For cooking, use a wooden spoon, a sharp knife, and a peeler. Try to reduce the list of kitchen utensils you would typically use at home to just the essentials.

There are almost too many options for silverware and utensils to pick from these days, despite what you would think. Any high-end outdoor store will have your choice of all-titanium, foldable, compact cutlery, depending on the type of camper you are.

Plates, bowls, and mugs

A few more versatile and necessary dining gadgets. Make sure you have enough for everyone to have one, plus a few extras in case you need them.

Do not feel like you need to spend a lot of money on ingredients to have the finest camping cooking experience. Some people enjoy having even the most basic objects fully customized, while others prefer the trusty plastic plate.


How often do you get to camp prepared to make the perfect bean chili only to realize you have forgotten the can opener? A multi-tool is a terrific method to make sure you remember all of those specialty tools that are frequently forgotten when packing your camping supplies. A convenient pocket-sized bundle that includes a can opener, bottle opener, scissors, and knife.

Three black and gray pots on top of the grill with fire on focus photo

Tables and chairs

It is common for individuals to cook food in the back of their cars, which is entirely fine but not as comfy. In fact, during the past ten years, camping tables and chairs have improved significantly. You can now find a variety of lightweight, portable solutions that perform admirably in the outdoors. The most popular and straightforward are the X-frame models, which essentially flatten out to fit neatly inside the vehicle.


Most individuals anticipate they will be cooking during the day, but occasionally unforeseen events prevent us from doing so. Nothing is worse than having to cook dinner in the dark at your campsite after a long journey, especially if you do not have enough illumination.

Headlamps are good, but they do not have the same illumination power as a lantern, and every time you look at your trail companion, you run the risk of making them blind.


Anyone planning to camp with meat, dairy, vegetables, or soft drinks needs a cooler. 35-45L is typically the optimum size for a long weekend trip, and most coolers only need one loading of ice before you set off – and they will keep chilled for days.

Dutch oven

This completely changes the landscape of outdoor cooking. You can bake, sear, sauté, broil, and fry with this piece of equipment, so forget the restrictions imposed by pots and frying pans! Choose a cast iron pan that has been well-oiled.

With a wide range of sizes, ridged lids for holding charcoal or flipping to use as a griddle, and solid legs so you can set it directly over hot coals for high heat, Lodge offers a wonderful choice of cooking vessels. If you have never baked a loaf of bread outside, get ready to have your perspective on life altered!

Sharp knife and cutting board

For individuals who are serious about outdoor cooking, another set of tools is necessary. If you spend money on a decent camp cutting board and a sharp knife, you will save yourself a lot of bother when prepping meat and vegetables. Although there is nothing wrong with bringing a set from home, it might be worthwhile to look into some of the camping-specific sets available.

The folding cutting boards with the inside knife storage area are one of the best because it is handy. This is easier to use than a full-size board and keeps the knife in place.

Charcoal is burning

Coffee maker

You still need your morning caffeine fix. There are several ways to make the ideal cup of coffee when camping. You can either pre-grind your coffee beans at home and bring them in an airtight container, or you can get a cheap grinder and grind your coffee beans yourself every morning.

On a camping trip, try using portable coffee makers. In addition to making wonderful coffee, it is compact and incredibly simple to operate. Just be sure to remember the filters.


Instead of using a cooking pot, if you are serious about hot beverages while camping, you might want to invest in a stove-top kettle for simple pouring.

Egg holder

The sight and smell of smashed eggs, when you open a food bag, are the worst. The common practice is to carefully wrap each egg in a paper towel and hope for the best, but if you want to enjoy your eggs in the morning, special camping egg holders are a perfect alternative.

Portable grill

Many campgrounds have grills that you can place over your fire pit, but they frequently look unappealing to cook on—rust, rendered meat fat, and bacteria are frequently present! All you need for a picnic in the wilderness is a basic portable grill.


Kindling and firewood that are already prepared cannot be found in the woods. Even if it is only a modest beginner set, it is worth making or purchasing your supply to bring with you. When you get to camp with all of your equipment prepared to grill outdoors, you do not want to discover wet, non-burnable wood.

Most garden stores and even yard stores around town have a good selection you can purchase. If you reside in a city, you may need to go a bit further into the countryside before you begin to see signs for “Firewood for Sale.”

Charcoal is burning

Spice jars

Do not forget to season! When cooking in outdoors, bland food is never an option. Always bring salt and pepper along with any other essential herbs and spices.

Although plastic spice jars will be lighter and less breakable than glass, they probably will not make much of a difference if you are driving.

Leftover containers

On a camping trip, it is uncommon to have leftover food because everyone is much more ravenous at night than they are at home! However, disposing of food outside is difficult and wasteful because you have to make sure it is buried far enough away from your camp to avoid attracting animals.

Use your leftovers for lunch the following day by storing them in Ziplock bags or plastic containers with tight lids.

Bear canister

For travelers, a bear canister is a necessity, however, you might think you do not need one if you keep your food in your car. Even if you have a car, it is always advisable to travel with a bear canister when in the woods. Keeping your food in bear-proof bins is always safer, just in case.

Collapsible sink

A collapsible sink provides an additional level of practicality, and a camping sink makes cleaning dishes 10 times easier and more acceptable than any other option.

The majority are of a good size, silicone-based, long-lasting, and virtually unnoticeable in your car. The silicone ones hold water better and are less likely to fall over.

Washing liquid and utensils

Cleanup is another area that is frequently disregarded. Do not forget to include washing soap and at least one sponge or scrubbing pad for your camping sink.

Water filters or tablets

Depending on the purpose of your trip, you may plan to find a natural source of water or bring enough water to last the entire time. Even if the former is your intention, it is always a good idea to have a water filtration system on hand just in case.

There are various choices available, including hand pumps, straws, and purification tablets; all you have to do is choose the finest one for you.


You will need to have the mentioned equipment above to enjoy safe and delicious grilling while camping. You can prepare delectable meals while enjoying the great outdoors if you have the correct tools.