The Best Ways to Make Roasted Marshmallows

Roasting marshmallows is a camping activity that many people enjoy. But some people do not know how to roast a marshmallow properly. It can be challenging if you want to achieve the proper golden toast on the marshmallow’s exterior. But with the right direction, knowledge, and tools, you can make it perfect.

Whether you love roasted marshmallow on its one or a s’mores fanatic with a fondness for chocolate graham crackers, keep on reading!

How To Make The Perfect Marshmallow

Most people do not have the patience to roast the marshmallows the right way. But it is pretty understandable why they do that. When a tempting, delicious treat stares right at your face, you hurry and eat it! But trust us when we say that roasting a marshmallow the perfect way is worth the wait.

Roasting marshmallows to the right golden brown color boils down to the proper method. For the first step, put a marshmallow on your roasting stick. But make sure it goes through the center of one of the circular, flat sides. That will ensure that the marshmallow does not fall off the stick.

Secondly, hold the marshmallow about six inches above the coals, not directly in flames. Some people prefer the oven or cave method. This is the part where you hold the marshmallow in a den-like manner between the logs and coals to create an oven effect. If you want your marshmallow fast, it is a quick method that provides even roasting.

However, you need to proceed cautiously because the marshmallow can catch fire if it is too hot. So you need to use your discretion. Remember that the 6-inch rule still applies here. You have to ensure that you have enough clearance when using this method.

Thirdly, rotate your stick so that it toasts all around. Turn the stick slowly and continuously for about four to five minutes. It may seem like a long time, but it is worth the wait. When the marshmallow turns golden brown, pull it away from the fire but do it slowly.


Roasting marshmallows is simple, but you have to take precautions, especially since it is an open flame. So it is vital to follow all the necessary safety rules such as keeping a close eye on the children, keeping a safe distance, etc.

You also have to be careful of the roasting sticks. Aside from being sharp, they are too hot when held over the flames.

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