Top Eight Foods You Probably Shouldn’t Eat

There are probably many times that you’re compelled with the urge to eat whatever stuff you find first in the cabinet without a care about what it is. You don’t even need to be hungry to decide to grab something to eat mindlessly while doing other tasks.

The Japanese even have an entire term for this, it transliterates to “kuchisabishii”. It means eating not because you’re hungry but because your mouth is lonely. You might eat what ever bag of old chips or stale pretzels you find first in the back of your food pantry.

When you’re feeling this way searching in the fridge or cabinet is a weird form of gambling or online blackjack for what thing you can shove into your mouth.

While I’m not saying wanting to eat something just for the sake of eating is necessarily the worst thing, there are definitely some things that are much better to consume than others when it comes to mindlessly chewing it.

Here are ten of the worst things that you can grab from your food pantry to snack on:

Sugary Drinks and Soda

Without any doubt the worst thing you can probably consume regularly is soda or other drinks with massive amounts of added sugar.

This is because of just how easy it is to consume absurd amounts of sugar just from a relatively small amount of soda. A single can of soda can sometimes be almost half sugar if you do the math!

Drinking sugary drinks is also incredibly bad for you because of just how easy it is for your body to absorb all the sugar in it. Our bodies are much better at absorbing sugar and other things from things from liquids than we are at absorbing sugar and other things from solid matter.

Why do you think hospitals give people liquid IVs instead of some form of nutrient bar?

High consumption of sugary drinks has been found to be related to a large number of health problems in a few studies done, too.

This includes acne, insomnia and even general fatigue and drowsiness.

So maybe next time you’re thirsty for something you should try going for a nice cup of ice water instead of that carbonated beverage.

High Carbohydrates Snacks

There are a lot of snack foods that claim to be relatively healthy or good for you. They’ll broadly advertise some nutrients or protein in it or maybe they’ll just have some advertising for a new flavor.

Either way they’re usually just empty carbohydrates that get turned into sugar and then stored as fat inside your body.

So the next time you’re planning on reaching for some chips or processed cheese puff like substances maybe think a moment more about just how many you’re honestly going to consume.


Soil, or dirt, is the brown powder found outside. You know what dirt is. Dirt is made majority out of organic matter.

It’s a variety of micro organisms, decomposed plant matter, roots and assorted other things.

Even though plant matter is usually edible and there are a lot of micro organisms that we eat almost every day in our natural diet. This doesn’t mean you should eat dirt.

There’s probably a lot of things in dirt that you shouldn’t eat though, Presumably, lots of germs and other bacteria that thrive in dirt.

So next time you’re outside you probably shouldn’t eat dirt.

Low Fat and Fat Free Foods

There was a massive trend at one point of low fat and fat free foods being the healthiest choices around. There was a major push that fat makes you fat.

When looked at on the surface that makes sense. Fat is fat, so fat would make you fat.

Except that’s not actually the case and it was the cause of what some call the biggest health crisis in recorded history.

Because fats add a lot of flavor to practically everything they’re in, from meats to oils to butters. Once you remove the fat the quality of the flavor drops exponentially.

Snack food companies compensated for this by simply replacing all the fat in the food with processed sugars.

So unsurprisingly low fat foods are considerably less healthy than normal snack food. Although I’m not saying that normal snack food is considerably healthy either.

Breakfast Cereal

Cookies are universally known as an unhealthy dessert food. Yet when cookies are packaged in a rectangular cardboard box and sold as cereal to be eaten for breakfast it suddenly becomes the most important meal of the day (I hope you heard the sarcasm there…).

Speaking of the most important meal of the day, there is very little evidence to support the idea that breakfast is any more or less important than any other meal you’ll eat in a day.

Most of the “breakfast being the most important meal” can be traced back to ad campaigns run aggressively by breakfast food companies. The same campaigns that promoted eating things filled with massive amounts of sugar as a healthy way to start your day.


This one needs a little annotation next to it. I’m not talking about most fruit juices, especially ones that are just pressed fruit juice with nothing added to it.

Except that’s usually not what you’re buying when you buy juice from the store.

Most big brand juice that you buy is a concentrate that’s been added to sugar water. Some juices you can get have almost as much sugar as a can of soda.

While they do usually have large quantities of vitamins and nutrients that your body can use, they also usually have large amounts of sugar that your body can really go without.

Gluten Free Snacks

There was a craze in some parts of the world of gluten free being the healthiest way you could live. Because bread isn’t healthy and bread has gluten.

It was a weird craze without actual backing to it. Honestly it seems like someone mixed up gluten and carbohydrates.

Most of the gluten free snacks sold in grocery store, while having low gluten, had to replace the flavor gluten gives food by (you can probably guess it at this point) with sugar.

Along with adding more sugar to make it taste better they also replace the usually wheat flour (which is high in gluten) with corn or tapioca based substitutes. Some times these are just as unhealthy as normal flour except lacking the few vitamins that wheat can give you.

It really isn’t a more healthy way to eat.

Processed Cheeses

While it’s true that normal cheese is very healthy for you relatively, the same cannot be said for processed cheeses.

These are stuff like “american” cheese or cheese slices. The ones that are usually only a very small percentage real ingredients or cheese. They’re usually a large amount of filler that’s been flavored to taste like cheese.

They’re designed in a laboratory to be the best melting, texture and color without usually any care to health benefits or anything of that sort. Eat it at your own risk.


While the caffeine you can get from coffee usually greatly outweighs the various problems that can be caused by drinking coffee every morning for most people that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems with coffee.