Why Would I Need a Gas and Charcoal Combination Grill

If you’re passionate about properly grilling your food to get the most out of it, you’re probably wondering which type of grill will suit you best. We’ve got conventional outdoor grills for backyard parties, and we’ve also got charbroiler grills for people who want to stay indoors. But then we get into even more fun territory when we start looking at combination grills.

Now, for many people, the choice will ultimately be between either a charcoal grill, a gas grill, or an electric grill. And getting either one is perfectly fine, given that you choose the one that suits your needs and wants the best. But, you might just be considering getting a combination grill instead, and in this post we’ll clear up the facts about combo grills so you can decide if you really want to go for one.

What Do Combination Grills Do?

Combination grills – or hybrid grills as they’re known to some – combine two methods of grilling in to one marvelous machine. Expectedly, combination grills are also typically more expensive than conventional single-method grills, but the difference in price may very well be worth it for some. As to what combination grills actually do, they open up different possibilities of grilling within the same grill. You could use charcoal to grill, you could use gas instead, and if your particular grill allows it, you could use both methods at the same time.

Why You Might Want a Combination Grill

So who exactly are combination grills marketed towards? Simply put, people that either do a lot of grilling, don’t have much space for multiple grills, or want a choice in the method of grilling regarding the situation. So, if you grill every other day and like to be able to get started with grilling as soon as you want, a combination grill helps you because it allows quick setup with little hassle.

Combination grills, because of their choice of either gas or charcoal, ensure that you can grill however you want, whenever you want. So, suppose you are suddenly receiving unexpected guests, you could quickly fire up the gas burners in your grill and be done grilling in a very short time. On the other hand, if you and family members or friends are getting together for a big party, you can set up the charcoal and let it get hot while everyone arrives one by one.

In both cases, you were instantly prepared because of the combination grill. Sure, you can achieve the same effect by buying separate gas and charcoal grills, but not only would that cost much more and take up more space in your house, the added hassle of managing two grills alone would be enough to put you off of grilling. So a combination grill is an excellent choice for the frequent griller who likes his options.

You Get to Grill Different Flavors

You Get to Grill Different Flavors

Perhaps the best reason to get a charcoal and gas combination grill is the freedom you get regarding the type of flavor you can produce in your grilled food. If you just want quickly seared meat for a quick meal, the gas option of your grill has you covered. However, if you desire the smoky and “authentic” texture and flavor of grilled meat that is synonymous with traditional charcoal grills, your hybrid grill has you covered too. Also, there might be some food types that taste better when grilled via some particular grilling method, so you’re insured for optimum taste either way because of your combination grill.

And the fact that some models allow for consecutive use of both gas and charcoal only means that you can produce the most flavorful, most mouth-watering succulent pieces of meat possible. In short, a gas and charcoal combination grill is one of the most rewarding pieces of kit you can own if you frequently host parties and love to grill. However, as with anything, gas and charcoal combination grills are not perfect, and thus are not without their faults.

Are There Any Cons to Owning a Combination Grill?

Of course, we wouldn’t be bold enough to claim that gas and charcoal combination grills are the end all be all of grills. Most combination grill models have some shortcoming or other. For starters, if you cheap out when buying a combination grill, there is a very good chance that you might end up with a model that has cut corners during manufacturing and is a substandard product made of substandard parts. Luckily for you, we have many reviews for some of the best gas and charcoal grills out there today.

Another disadvantage many combination grills fall to is the less than optimal performance for both grilling methods. This problem, ironically enough, stems from the inclusion of both methods in one grill in the first place. So you might end up with a combination grill whose gas burners aren’t very powerful, or the much more common flaw, a short charcoal tray that needs to constantly be refueled with more charcoal because the existing tiny supply keeps burning out too fast.

One more flaw some gas and charcoal combination grills fall victim to is the fact that their grate and surrounding components are not built to withstand both grilling methods. In these grills, cleaning the grill after a long cookout session can be a pain, and may end up actually ruining the finish if not done properly. This is why it is extra important that you do thorough research before buying a combination grill relative to buying a conventional single-method grill.


If you need a gas and charcoal combination grill depends highly on how much you’re going to use it, and what kind of grilling you expect to do more often. The type of food you’re going to be grilling also plays a major role as a deciding factor in your purchase, alongside what kind of grilled food you or your family and friends find better. Hopefully, our brief explanation of gas and charcoal combination grills, alongside their uses, pros, and cons has helped you make a more informed decision regarding your purchase. In the meantime, why not check out some tips for better grilling? And if you believe you’ve got the hang of it, why not challenge yourself with something new?