Best Kitchen tools- know your kitchen companions!

If you are bored of using the same kitchen tools for many years and thinking about cooking more or eating healthier, you have to update your kitchen tools. Here, we will suggest some fantastic kitchen tools, which will increase the outlook of your kitchen and help you experiment with foods.

Best Kitchen tools that are a must for your kitchen


Blender is one of the essential kitchen tools for your kitchen. When you choose a blender, you can select the blending container made of glass. Because we have tasted that, a glass countertop blender is a little heavier than a plastic or stainless steel blender, but this will provide service for an extended period.

But if you choose a plastic blending container, the plastic absorbs the smell of blended food, and stainless steel will limit the visibility. You can grind semi-solid cooking ingredients into smooth purees with a good-quality blender. Besides, when you come home from work or the gym, you can blend ice cream with milk and sweets and make a refreshing milkshake. But, after using the blender, you have to clean it properly with water or soap. 

Espresso machine

In your kitchen, you will also need an Espresso machine. This machine is going to save your time, and you will get a refreshing espresso shot. Various Espresso machines are available in the market, and you can get the best one within your budget.

While making an Espresso shot, you have to follow specific steps, like preheating the espresso machine, which may need twenty-five minutes. Then fill your portafilter with coffee. Some espresso machines may have bigger portafilters to contain 20 grams or more coffee. After filling your portafilter with coffee, put it back in the right place in the machine. But make sure, don’t fill excessive coffee in the portafilter.

Now, you can have your fantastic espresso shot, plus you can add milk and other ingredients if needed.

Kitchen Scale

If you have some space in the corner, then you should get a kitchen scale. This fantastic tool will help you measure the weight of absorbing foods like oats, brown rice, etc. Besides, you can measure your meals in kilograms, grams, ounces, etc. Many designed kitchen scales are available in the market, but we recommend you choose the size by measuring your kitchen space.

Rice cooker

Before having a rice cooker, think about the past times that you or your family members have rice boiled over, burned, or cooked for long; the water in the pot dried out. A rice cooker can solve all these problems at once. All you have to do is put rice and water in the cooking chamber, click the ‘Cook” button, and Done. Now, wait for a certain period, and your rice is ready to eat and serve.

It’s so easy, right?

Juicer Machine

A glass of juice will constantly refresh your mind and will ensure your good health. Assuming you don’t have a juicer machine, it’s about time you ought to have one. This machine will squeeze lemon, lime, and orange at maximum range, and you will get your hundred percent fresh and chemical-free juice at home plus, you can also use this juice for your recipes.

Stainless Steel Grater

This unique kitchen tool is going to save you valuable time. First, you have to choose a grater with four-sided stainless steel blades. With this tool, you can quickly grate all types of vegetables like carrots to radishes, potatoes, etc., plus you can grind vegetables faster than chopping them with a knife, and it doesn’t take much energy.

Rubber Spatulas

These rubber spatulas are going to save you from wasting food and money. These spatulas spread better than knives, and you can accomplish the work in just one fell swoop. So, for example, when you use mayonnaise or butter, the food won’t be wasted. The set of rubber spatulas may contain three spatulas. While serving many guests, you will be surprised to see how this tool will support you.


A Colander is another necessary tool for your kitchen. There are two types of colander available in the market: plastic colander and stainless steel colander. With this tool, you can drain the liquid or oil from the food. But, while choosing the colander, you have to keep in mind that it has perfectly sized holes and the grips are easy to hold. This best kitchen tool is available in the market for below fifty dollars (50$).

Food processor

Sometimes, you may feel bored to cut anything. Then, it would be wise if you bought a food processor. With this best kitchen tool, You can get your onions, celery, and garlic chopped, plus you can have pie crust in it. This tool is going to relieve you from cutting. But make sure you have adequately cleaned the tool after use.

Slow cooker

The slow cooker is a must-have kitchen tool that will bring the flavor out from the food. Besides, you can make pot meals, soups, stews, and casseroles. Most importantly, if you are fond of meat, this cooker will make your dreams come true. You will have the best taste of meat through this best kitchen tool. There is nothing to worry about the sticking problem inside the cooker; there is a non-stick surface.


The tools, as mentioned earlier, are best for your kitchen. As they are going to save you time, ensure the nutritions and quality of the food. Get these best tools in your kitchen now!