Coleman RoadTrip® Party Grill

Christmas is fast approaching. This is a season of sharing happy moments in life with friends and family. You are probably planning a tailgate party or a road trip to your favorite park. Either way, as you park for all the essentials that will be needed for the journey, you must put in consideration what you are going to eat. Packed foods are increasingly being criticized due to many chemicals and preservatives that are responsible for a number of health issues among them obesity. For this reason, it is ideal to prepare your meals on site. BBQ is always top on the list of the recipe on a camping trip. This is where the Coleman RoadTrip® Party Grill comes in.

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One of the biggest advantages of the Coleman party grill is that it is lightweight and compact making it very easy to transport. In fact, the legs can be detached and placed inside the grill. Thus it occupies relatively no space at all in your truck allowing you to stuff other things that you need. Surprisingly, you can even use the party grill on a boat while you o about with your fishing. When it comes to cooking, there is no limit on what you can cook on this small grills. The idea of an electronic ignition just by the push of a button is brilliant. You no longer have to worry that you ran out of matches while in the wild camping. This small machine is fitted with an 8000-BTU burner control system. It also has a heat fuel control system that ensures constant and even supply of heat for effective cooking.


The Coleman Road Trip Grill has one drawback. It is somewhat of a problem to get it lit up during on a windy day. The wind also lowers the cooking power. You can overcome this problem by improvising a lid cover but ensure whatever you use is vented. You can try a pan that has vents to act as the cover.

Size and design.

As mentioned earlier, the size and design of this Road Trip companion allow easy transportation. Additionally, it is very easy to set up once you reach your destination. Assembly takes less than a minute. The grill is made of stainless steel thus durability is assured. All the parts are removable and dishwasher safe except for the valve and the burner. This makes cleaning this mini appliance a walk in the park even for the retirees.


The Coleman grill performs very well especially for tailgates, picnics or BBQ parties. Food cooked on this small machine is delicious. The grill gets hot enough to produce good grilled steak as you would with your regular grills.


Coleman party grill is small, compact and ideal for a day’s trip or picnic. Small enough for a person or two thus perfect while you are out on a camping date with your better half. I recommend this small size grill to all those who love camping, tailgates or enjoying a day at the beach. The Coleman party grill is the ideal choice.