Comparing the Weber Go Anywhere and Smokey Joe Grills

If you ever take an opinion from someone on the best grills available in the market, there is a high chance that you are either told about a Weber Go Anywhere or the Weber Smokey Joe Grill. These two are the top products by Weber. Many of their grills are also among the Amazon Choice Products for their exceptional quality and persistent positive reviews by the customers.

However, despite having the almost identical features, there are still some differences which can influence your purchasing decision. If you are interested in buying a grill for your weekend party or a camping trip, read the article which compares the features of Weber go Anywherevs Smokey Joe Grill to make the right choice as per your requirements.

Weber Go Anywhere vs Smokey Joe Overview

As the name suggests, grills in this series are designed to be used at go. They are portable and easy to carry while the weight is also low so that carrying is not that difficult. The Go Anywhere grill is considered ideal for those who want to go on trips or have a barbecue at someone else’s place. This grill is designed in a rectangular shape.

On the other hand, the Smokey Joe grill is considered to be one of the bestselling products of the market for the past many years. Its usability is diverse, and one can have different types of items cooked on it. It is in the round shape design which makes it sleek and appears in an attractive designing as well.

Portable Designing

The Weber Go is better in terms of portability as it comes with a top handle which allows you to carry it anywhere easily. The lower weight complements the element of portability. The Weber Go appears as a small briefcase when it has the legs folded in. The measurement of the Weber Go is 21 by 12.25 by 14.5 inches. This grill can be assembled in as low as 8 minutes. The construction of this grill is from the cast iron which is better than the other one and it will not easily rust or fade away.

The Smokey Joe is not bad either. According to many customers, it is also one of the most portable grills in the market but again, not as portable as the Weber Go because of its unique and sleek design. You may not be able to carry it with a handle, but you can definitely pack it in your bag. It measures 15.6 by 15.6 by 9 inches. It has a strong metal finish with an enamel coating that prevents rust. This grill requires about 10-14 minutes to completely set up.

Ease of Use

Weber Go Charcoal Grill can work better if you have a good air flow. You might need a small fan to keep up with this grill. It has 2 adjustable dampers to assist with the air flow. These dampers come with three vent holes each so that there is never a lack of air. Keep an eye on it while it warms up.

On the other hand, Smokey Joe grill has two vents to keep the air flowing and coals warm. Due to its design, there is not a major problem of air flow in this grill. Having the large dome is beneficial for the users because you can simply pull it off to warm the coals. However, technically both of the grills are just as simple as loading them with charcoal, lighting them, and getting the grilling started. It requires fewer charcoal as compared to the Go Anywhere because of its unique design.

How much food can be cooked?

Weber Go Anywhere has a large 160 square inches cooking area which is sufficient to cook 6 large grilled burgers or 4 large stakes at a time. You can cook a dozen or two of sausages on this grill as well. Ideally, this grill is considered to be the one that is sufficient for 4 to 5 people which means that a small family would find this grill to be ideal for them. A good feature about this grill is that it is in a rectangular shape. It cooks the food evenly and can perform in the adverse weather conditions as well. You can adjust the heating by placing the coals accordingly.

However, cooking food is always a bit better in circular grills. This gives the Smokey Joe a better edge over the Weber Go Anywhere grill. The diameter is 14.5 for this grill and it can also arrange 6 burgers or 3 steaks at a time. You can cook meals for 4 to 5 people with this grill at a time. It has a cooking area of 147 square inches which is sufficient.


When comparing Weber Go Anywhere vs Smokey Joe Grill, it can be said that the Smokey Joe Grill offers a better value for money because it is half as pricey as compared to the Weber Go. With almost identical features as mentioned above, the Smokey Joe Grill would perform as much as the Weber Go except for a little less in size and reduced portability. In terms of value, the Smokey Joe will get the higher rating. Customers who preferred Weber Go were mainly looking for the internal value in terms of durability and easy-to-carry element.

Customer Reviews

According to the customer preferences and reviews on, The Smokey Joe grill has been on number 14th while the Weber Go Anywhere has been on 29th position in the Charcoal Grills list. Both have a 4.7-star rating which makes it quite tough for the users to decide between the two.

Positive Reviews for the Weber Go Anywhere suggested that it is an ideal grill on the go. It cooks easily 6 to 8 pieces of chicken at a time and has not been giving any uneven heat. Many even said that this grill is just the perfect one for them and they are glad about their purchase.

Negative Reviews for the Weber Go Anywhere suggested that this grill should not be kept on a table particularly plastic as it leads to melting of the table. In addition to that, the customer highlighted the fact that the body of this grill is quite shallow due to the portability element which means that the coal is quite near to the meat. People who are buying this grill should be essentially considering this feature of the grill.

In the case of Smokey Joe Grill, there were many positive reviews. A review said that it was equivalent to the “Benz of the grills” highlighting how it was a top-class grill that did the job perfectly without creating any mess. Reviews suggested that this could be used for the hurricane seasons as well and it will not cause any problem.

However, there were negative reviews as well. A few people could not receive the grill in one piece or had missing parts which led to problems. A customer stated that it does not have a handle on the grilling rack which makes it difficult to lift. In addition to that, The Smokey Joe Grill is not currently available to purchase on


In terms of construction, durability, and portability, The Weber Go Anywhere gets a high score which is based on the customer reviews and the overall features of this grill. It is scored as an 8.0 out of 10. On the other hand, due to being cost effective, better cooking, and a uniquely attractive design, the overall score for the Smokey Joe Grill is 8.5 out of 10 which is also based on customer reviews and Amazon average rating system.


If you have a good enough budget, it is our suggestion that you go for the Weber Go Anywhere as it is larger and is very easy to use with portability being the key feature. You will rarely have any complaints with this type of grill in terms of size, performance, or coal usage. On the other hand, people with limited budget and those that do not have a particular preference for portability could buy the Smokey Joe Grill as it is cost effective. Its unique design and sleekness add more to its beauty. Overall, both of these grills are suitable for the different types of grilling requirements of users.


In conclusion, it can be said that the Winter Season is just around the corner which is going to be an ideal one for grilling and having BBQ parties as well. If you want to get a grill at a good price, now is the right time. Head over to your nearest store or order online as per your convenience. We hope that you have a great experience with the grill that you purchase.