Hamilton Beach 25360 Flavor/Searing Indoor Grill review

Hamilton Beach 25360 Flavor/Searing Indoor Grill review

Do you love grilled foods like steak or veggies? I believe your answer is yes, after all, who doesn’t like grilled steak. Everywhere you go whether it’s a party with friends at the beach or camping at the park or even a family dinners, one thing you are likely not going to miss is grilled food. However, choosing the right grill for the job may be a daunting task for many especially if you are not an experienced chef. Luckily, Hamilton Beach grill is all you need. This fantastic grill does not require you to be a top notch chef to produce the best-grilled steak; rather it does most of the work for you. Let’s have a look at what this grill has to offer.

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The Hamilton indoor grill boasts of many advantages. First, it is an indoor grill that replicates the grilling experience of an outdoor grill. The steak grilled on this machine tastes the same as that grilled outside on large ones. The other benefit is that it does not fill your home with smoke as many would think. It’s very safe to use in the house as long as your house is properly ventilated. The plate, lid, and dip tray are all removable and dishwasher safe making cleaning a breeze. The grill is big enough to for you to cook for your entire family. You can place about four pieces of chicken steak at a go. What amazes me most is that you can grill any food you want from chicken, beef tilapia, burgers, and even veggies among many others.


The only issue with the Hamilton Grill is that the cable is somewhat short. At just 25 inches, it may be a problem to plug in if your socket isn’t close enough.

Size and design.

Hamilton indoor grill measures 12*16*6 inches which is big enough to cater for all your grilling needs yet compact enough to fit your kitchen. It weighs 8.1 pounds. Thus it’s a light-weight. The lid and plate are made of stainless steel, and thus durability is guaranteed. The grill has adjustable temperature control with both power and preheat lights. The Hamilton is built for high heat searing thus emulating outdoor grills.


Using this grill is a life saver. The food grilled on this appliance tastes close to if not as good as that grilled on out outdoor open flame grill. It’s convenient to use even in bad weather where outdoor grill cannot be used since you will be using it indoors. Cleaning has been made easy with the removable parts thus you concentrate more on what you are cooking rather than the work that will follow thereafter.


Frankly speaking, I think this grill is the ultimate choice for anyone who fancies grilling. Believe me, there are others much more expensive but do not produce the same results as this one does. Its size allows convenience for use, unlike many other grills. The price is just amazing, very pocket-friendly for such high performance. I recommend this excellent machine to all grill enthusiast. I promise you will not be disappointed.