How to buy a gas grill from the market

Are you a BBQ lover, looking to buy the perfect gas grill that will char some scrumptious BBQ for you in no time? Then you landed yourself at the right place! We will guide you today on the basics of purchasing the best gas grills. So tag along to know what to look for in a perfect gas grill to suit your needs.

The size matters

The first thing you will need to decide when buying the grill is the size of the grill. In order to determine the size you will be required to know how many people or guests you will be serving BBQ with the grill. If you happen to have a large pool of friends and family you will need a larger grilling space in your budget gas grill.

Most grill manufacturers will offer you grilling space of 80 square inches or more, which is more than enough to grill around 12 burgers in a single go. So depending on the space and cooking requirement you can determine the size of the grill you will need.

The number of burners

The next important thing on the list is the burners and their quantity. The side burners are something that you will see added to the grill, to allow you some cooking freedom in addition to the grilling. The quantity of these burners will depend on whether you want a cooking feature on the grill or not. And if you happen to want the feature, how many people you tend to serve will then determine the quantity.

Generally, you will come across has grills which will allow you to use two side burners, you can opt for more burner by opting for a different design or manufacturer.

The BTUs

Another major factor to lookout for is the heating ability of the gas grill you tend to select. If you are looking for a powerful grill packed with strong bursts of heat to char up the meat pretty good, you will need to go look for higher BTUs.

The manufacturers give away the BTU values with respect to the grill size. Depending on the size the BTUs increase or vary. So if you are looking forward to serve a feast to a large group, you will want a speedy BBQ and of course higher BTUs up to 50,000 approximately.

The price

It budget is not a pain for you, then you might as well skip this point. However, if you are a bit tight on the pocket, then you will need to consider a couple of constraints before you go out and buy a budget gas grill from the market. Worry not, for your low budget requirements there are a number of manufacturers that tend to provide quality gas grills loaded with features to get you start grilling in style.

You will find gas grills under $300 and $200 with not much difference when it comes to features (Check recommendation given by Reviewlin. The only thing you will compromise at will be the size of the grill or the BTUs of the grill.

Storage space

Last but not the least; you might as well look out for this feature in the gas grill too. If you like to have your sauce bottles, dressings and propane tank stored near the grill, then storage space is a must for you.

There are plenty of gas grills in the market that give you storage space to keep utensils and other grilling related stuff. However, as the storage size increases so does the size of the grill. So if you are a one man army, you might want something portable and a large grill will not simply be the best option then.


Now that you know of the factors to consider when buying a grill, it’s time to hit the market and select the grill that fits your needs. You can make your trip easy by jotting down everything you want in the gas grill on a piece of paper and then giving it to the sales person so that the search is narrowed down. Do try out these tips and let us know of your experience with your new grill.