Made in USA Kettle Pizza Basic Oven Kit Review

You’d have to go back to the release of the first Nike Air Jordan’s to find a company more excited by a product than Kettle Pizza where about their new Basic Pizza Oven Kit. They are of the belief that they’ve invented something that is going to change Kettle Grilling forever. That I agree with. But, they’ve also pointed out how people who own Weber Kettle Grills can improve them by buying this because with this Oven Kit they’ll be able to cook Pizza for the first time. This is a strange statement and it’s one that I disagree with because Weber Kettle Grills can already cook a pretty good Pizza. I understand their thinking though. Weber is the biggest seller of Kettle Grills so they’re targeting Weber customers. They’re just doing it in the wrong way. The fact is, this will improve not just Weber Kettle Grills, but all Kettle Grills. Just not in the area of Pizza cooking. So ignore all the Pizza stuff, and I’ll explain what I found and about how this is one of the best Grill Gadgets I’ve reviewed in years.

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How does it work?

You get a Stainless Steel Circular Sleeve that you place over the Grates on your Grill. It covers the whole bottom of Grills ranging between 18 and 22 inches in diameter. Next, you place the lid of your Kettle Grill down upon the circular chamber creating a sealed cooking environment. After that, all you need to do is turn your Grill on and put food in.

So if not Pizza, how does it benefit me?

Well, Kettle Pizza seem blissfully unaware of the fact that most Kettle Grills already make great Pizza’s. You just put a Pizza in and close the lid. I know plenty of people who cook Pizza on Kettle Grills without any add-ons. But, here’s the point Kettle Grill have missed. What you’re essentially doing here is creating an outdoor oven for roasting any type of food you wish. Buying this product means you have both a Grill and an Oven. So you can do roasted vegetables, which taste much better than grilled vegetables. You can make Pies. Friend Pies are increasingly popular in the United States and having an Oven on your Grill like this enables you to make any Fried Pie you want. Brisket actually tastes better than using the oven than Grilled, and on low heat, you can make Lasagna. Basically, anything you like better oven cooked can now be done on your Grill by just inserting this Steel sleeve over your Kettle Grill. It’s definitely a great gadget. I had a lot of fun experimenting with various foods and comparing Grilled results to oven cooked results. This is an item lots of people will enjoy.

Just don’t use the opening

In their insistence that you must use this for amazing Pizzas, they’ve cut the opening quite thinly. So to get the real benefit out of this add-on you need to forget about the opening. When you want to oven cook, you should place the sleeve over your Grill, put the food on, and close the lid. Don’t even use the opening. It’s so thin that you can’t really slide much in except Pizza and if you own a Kettle Grill you can already do great Pizza.

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What’s the build quality

This is very durable and expertly put together. It’s made out of Stainless 20 Gauge 304 Steel. It’s the type of Steel they use to make counter-tops and Backslashes, so it’s extremely strong and it’s aesthetically pleasing too. It certainly looks more expensive than the just over 100 Dollars they’re asking for it.

Cook times are improved

It can reach up to 900 degrees inside the Stainless Steel cooking environment so another great benefit of this is that if you did need steaks faster then use the Kettle Oven. For smaller Kettle Grill owners this is an especially good thing because you’ll be able to do multiple batches in no time.


This is a great gadget that anyone with a Kettle Grill would just love. It opens up doors to the cooking for a large number of dishes that traditionally are impossible to cook on a Grill or taste better in an Oven. The options for experimentation are endless. Turn the heat right down and slow cook food like you would in a Smoker. Do Lasagna, Fried Pie’s, Vegetables – anything you want. The problem is that while I love the product, I just don’t think it’s been advertised right. Sure, you can cook Pizza but it’s about the same standard as Pizza cooked on a Kettle Grill without the Kettle Pizza Oven Kit. But don’t let that stop you, because as I’ve mentioned, there is tons more stuff you can do on this and so I’d recommend it to anyone. You get faster cook times. more variety, and a pretty good looking item that seems more expensive than it is. Forget Pizza and enjoy your new oven. Thank you for reading. Oh, one more thing – It’s made right here in the USA!!!!!!!!!