Smoke Hollow 4 in 1 lp Gas Charcoal Smoker Searing Grill Review

These multi-use Grills are designed for two kinds of buyer. Either buyers who aren’t committed to one specific type if Grilling and like to traverse between Charcoal, Smoking, and Gas. Or, buyers who want lots of space but don’t want to spend thousands. Some end up a jack of all trades and master of none. Others turn out really great at everything. It’s a hit or miss market and you have to take your chances. Well, not entirely. This time you’ve got me. I’m taking a closer look at the Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Gas Charcoal Smoker Searing BBQ Grill Model PS9900, and I’ll be letting you in on just how good or bad it really is. Are you ready for this voyage of discovery into the unknown? Follow me


  • Easy to Clean
  • Pretty Easy Assembly
  • Cast Iron Grates
  • Terrific Charcoal Grill
  • Amazing Searing Burner
  • 42,000BTU’s
  • Nice Gas Grill
  • 860 Square Inches of Space


  • Smoker needs a little work before good results are produced


It’s a pretty sturdy good quality build. The weight of 218 pounds gives you an idea of the high-grade Metal used for the design. So I can’t fault the commitment to design excellence on the part of Smoke Hollow. And, it’ll certainly last a long time. The whole thing looks expensive. But, it’s quite a confused excellence given that it looks like they’ve literally taken four individual Grills and joined them together. This is not necessarily a bad thing and it won’t affect the durability. I just think it could have been put together in a more aesthetically pleasing way. But some people don’t care about that stuff. The measurements are 82 inches by 23 inches by 54 inches so it’s a huge unit for the money meaning it’ll be a three-man job to get it out into the backyard.



This Grill comes already partially assembled. But there is some work to be done. You’ve had to connect all the Lids and hookup the Smoker and Searing Side Burner yourself. The Instructions are good though and most people will be able to get this done in under 1 hour.

Cooking Space

You get a massive 860 Square inches of total cooking space, which is good for the 600 bucks they’re charging. And that’s not even counting the 100 square inch Warming Rack on the Gas Grill. Plenty of space.

The Searing Burner

This is the unexpected star of the show. It has some beautiful Cast Iron Grates for holding and dispersing heat well meaning no burnt patches and a fully preserved moisture barrier on your meats. Plus it’s Infrared so it heats up incredibly quickly for very short cooking times. It’s 12000BTU so that’s a lot of power across a small space like this. So both types of meat and fish cook fast and taste amazing. Slightly on the small side although you can fit 8 Burgers on there easily.

The Gas Grill

We’re moving from left to right here and the Gas Grill is interesting because it has these cylinder-shaped Steel Burners. Not what I was expecting. I’m used to Cast Iron circular Burners, and these Steel ones heat up a little slower. So there is a wait time before you can pop food on there. The Grates on the Gas Grill are made of Cast Iron which certainly help rescue the cook times back to a reasonable length. So overall no major issues. It’s not absolutely amazing but there’s enough space to cook for a whole family and you get 30,000BTU’s an hour so lots of power.

Charcoal Grill

Great Charcoal Grill. There’s a Superb six position Charcoal Tray which allows you to experiment with heat and even slow cook if you want to. To slow cook, place the Tray on it’s lowest possible level, shove in a moderate amount of charcoal and close the lid. Great for Pork and Beef. There are also some excellent dampers positioned on the front of the Grilling area which you’ll need to close for Slow Cooking. The Grates are made of Cast Iron and operate wonderfully well to produce some of the best tasting meats out there.


The problem with the Smoker is that straight out of the box it doesn’t work too well. There’s a major airflow problem and an Ash problem. The airflow problem, I solved easily by using bricks to raise the Grates off the bottom. So raise those Grates. If you do that you’ll be doing 10-hour Smoking sessions with no problems. As long as you also solve the Ash build-up problem. This Smoker creates Ash like you wouldn’t believe. Halfway through a Smoking session, open those doors and scoop out that Ash. Do these things and you’re getting a perfectly good Smoker.


The whole thing is covered in Porcelain-Enamel so it can be cleaned with just a Rag and some washing up liquid.


Somewhat of a mixed bag of results. But it does have an absolutely tremendous Charcoal Grill and the Searing Burner is incredible. Both will make startlingly good foods. I loved the Cast Iron Grates used on both of these cooking units and they definitely help the cook times and taste along. The Gas Grill also has Cast Iron Grates, but its Steel Cylinder Burners are slow to heat up so there’s some wait time while heat builds. The Burners are powerful though and you do get lots of space. Speaking of space, 860 Square Inches is extremely large for the money. The Smoker is poorly designed but if you raise the Grates and scoop out Ash halfway through a session, then it will produce pretty darn good results. The Dampers are on the side which was kind of annoying but no major issue. Thank you for reading.