Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill Review

The Weber Q1200 is a re-modeling of the Weber Q120, and the intention was to add aesthetics while creating a grill that was more functional than its predecessor. The Q120 acted as a space-saving alternative to the larger, less portable Weber grills, and was aimed at those buyers who go tailgating, camping, or just have limited room around the home or garden. This Weber 51010001 Review is written with the aim of advising buyers as to whether the Q1200 is an improvement from the Q120, and therefore worth having, or it is perhaps one buyers should choose to avoid.



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  • Easy assembly
  • 189 square inches of cooking surface, which is great for a grill that’s this portable
  • Cast iron grates
  • Easy to start with an excellent ignition system
  • Porcelain-enamel-coated cooking surface for ease of cleaning


  • Sensitive propane safety valve

Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill Review (Official Site):


The 51010001 measures 40.9 inches in length, by 26.6 inches of width sands 24.6 inches tall. The weight is 13kg, which means this is one of Webers lightest grills available. I have no complaints about these numbers, considering it’s made out of cast aluminum, so it would also be durable. The overall design too is pretty sleek and consists of the cooking unit, complete with lid, and foldout shelves, with an expensive looking black finish.

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The first issue with any grill is the assembly, but in this case, it was a non-issue, as the Q1200 comes completely assembled. Having been overjoyed by the non-assembly, I moved onto cooking and found slight problems buyers should be aware of. Whether it’s a problem or not, actually depends on what you want in a grill. The propane safety valve, installed to protect against propane fires is very sensitive, so if you pour propane too quickly into the tank, or fill too high, it will fail to heat up to cooking temperature. Many people will like this, as propane fires are a leading cause of the injury sustained during camping trips, and in any outdoor cooking. So, lots of buyers might take the view that it’s better to be overly safe, than not safe enough, especially where children may be involved. The problem comes from the fact that this information is not contained in the manual or on the box. As long as you don’t overfill, or pour too quickly, you’ll never have this problem, and it’s a great grill that cooks amazing food. But, if the safety mechanism does start, and the grill fails to heat, just shut it down, disconnect the hose, and then reconnect and you’re back to amazing cooking.

When used in the correct way, the Weber Q1200 is one of the best grills out there. It rises to 550 Fahrenheit in under 10 minutes, which is ideal cooking temperature and makes some of the best tasting meats I’ve ever experienced. It’s very portable and you can pick the Q1200 up easily, parking it on the balcony, on a small table, you can store it in a shed, or even in the kitchen cupboard. It’s smaller than the Q120, which is quite an achievement, despite it being made out of high-grade aluminum that will not rust. Even the extender flaps fold over perfectly for easier storage while providing more space during cooking.

The grates are incredible, grilling food evenly, and retaining a consistent heat throughout. They are very typical of Weber, who are renowned for thick cast iron, and highly efficient grates. What you get with grates of this thickness and design, is moist, flavorsome meats and vegetables. Ultimately, what Weber has done is simplify the entire process of portable cooking, with a great design combined with easy to read temperature gauge, lots of heat adjustments, and a handle that doesn’t get hot. The handles are bigger than on the Q120 because they are encased in rubber. When you also have a great ash catcher and quick one-touch ignition, it becomes a very pleasing grill.

The 51010001 is very easy to clean, as it is coated on the cooking surface with porcelain-enamel, so really one wipe is good enough to clean, as no sticky residue will be left on the surface.


If you live in a small apartment with a balcony, or if you go out camping, the Weber Q1200 is the perfect grill for you. The food tastes great, the grates are well-made, it heats up quickly and is lightweight, so it’s very portable, yet durable in its aluminum shell. One of the best gas grills for your money for sure. This is one buyers must follow the instructions on though; don’t pour propane too quickly and don’t overfill, or the safety valve preventing propane fires will act to minimize heat. The Verdict: A terrific grill really worth buying.