Weber Genesis E-310 Liquid-Propane Gas Grill Review

The Weber Genesis 6511001 E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill is a lot like the S310, and while both are popular grills, there are some differences, which I’ll take you through in this 6511001 Review. It’s important to know these differences, in order to make an informed buying choice, and it’s also important to know the upside and downside, of owning a grill like this. The details will be highlighted here, discussed, and ultimately I’ll provide buyers with everything needed to come to a wise decision on whether a purchase is necessary.



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  • Massive 637 square inches of cooking space
    130 square inch warming rack
  • 3 stainless steel burners
  • Cast iron grates
  • Fast electronic ignition system
  • Flavorizer bars
  • Porcelain-enamel coating for ease of cleaning


  • Requires an LP tank, and this is not included in the purchase
  • Very heavy
  • Very Large

Weber Genesis E-310 Liquid-Propane Gas Grill Review (Official Site):


The Genesis E310 comes at measurements of 30 inches length, by 60 inches of width and it is 64.4 inches in height, so what buyers at getting amounts to a pretty large unit. The size wouldn’t be a problem for buyers with room in the garden, but for those without a lot of space, perhaps a more portable Weber model would be a better choice. The use of quality materials like stainless steel increases the weight if the E310, though this will improve the durability of the product over time. Weber has supplied excellent wheels with this grill, so for those worried about shifting it into place once assembled, this will be a non-issue. The design is made to look like one of those commercial grills you find in kitchens at top restaurants, hence it is not the most beautiful of Weber grills, but for me, it’s all about taste anyway.

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As per usual with Weber products, the assembly was easy and can be done in a little under 30 minutes, with the clear and concise instructions given in the manual. Moving onto the cooking surface, the E310 was designed to cater for family dinners and also large gatherings, so you’ve got 637 square inches of total cooking surface, divided between a 507 square inch, primary area and a 130 square inch warming rack. This will be big enough for anyone, and with 38000 BTU an hour, across 3 burners, the power is also very high.

Buyers might be looking at grills similar to the S310 and thinking, what is the difference? which one should I choose? Well, one of the differences is the grates; the E310 Genesis has cast iron porcelain-enamel cooking grates, compared to the S310, which has stainless steel cooking grates. In my experience, cast iron supplies a more even heat, as it retains heat better than stainless steel does, so the E310 has an advantage here. The porcelain-enamel makes the E310 easier to clean than the S310 and when you add porcelain-enamel on the flavorizer bars of the E310 too, compared to the S310’s stainless steel bars, the ease of cleaning the E310 is increased even more markedly.

While the E310 leads the S310 in the area’s, the S310 uses more stainless steel on the outside of the unit and a higher grade stainless steel in general so will be more durable. So which they choose, really depends on what buyers are looking for in a grill. I would say that using a higher grade of stainless steel, only increases durability by a small amount, and all steel would be classed as solid long-lasting material.

Both are quality grills, with electronic ignition systems, and Weber’s trademarked flavorizer bars and both make terrific meals, with a moist taste. Despite this. some buyers will be turned off because they think charcoal tastes better, whereas others enjoy gas cooking and the fact that there are no ashes to dump out. So, once again, the level of appreciation depends on what you’re looking for.

Other features of the Genesis E310 are six tool holders and a very helpful cookbook, that I used for cooking my steaks. Refreshingly, the temperature gauge and controls are on the front of this model, rather than the side, so ease of operation is there. I don’t particularly like designs that have these vital components in hard to reach or impractical places, as they make for an uncomfortable experience cooking.


Weber grills cost a little more than grills by other brands, but Weber’s are more durable, and though I’ve mentioned the higher-grade of stainless steel on the Weber S310 compared to the E310, both are quality designs that will last for years. A large amount of primary cooking space and the generous 130 square inch warming rack, make the E310 an excellent purchase. Yes, it’s heavy, and yes, it’s large, but if you have space, this would be a wonderful choice, because, with cast iron grates and flavorizer bars, it cooks great food.