Weber Genesis E-330 Grill Review

(written by my friend Rolin)

Genesis grills are a standout amongst the most famous grills in the USA, showing up in many backyards at the coast. Similar to other Genesis models, Genesis EP-330 comprises of 3 stainless steel burners arranged from left to right. Their control knobs are located at the front panel. This burner arrangement is generally new.

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1) Solid construct

2) Amazing sear burners

3) Even distribution of heat

4) Easy to clean and move

5) Easy to read gas gauge.

6) Cooks quickly and evenly

7) Reliable warranty


1) Slower preheat at times

2) Costly

3) Knobs resistance .


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Assembled using solid stainless steel grades, the Genesis EP-330 normally arrive packed in a huge heavy box. Once unloaded, it will take you approximately two hour to assemble it. Not that it is difficult to assemble, but rather involves a lot of work to.

Flexibility and Reliability

The Weber Genesis E-330 conveys fantastic results. Proprietors say it warms up rapidly and grills evenly at both low and high temperatures, and it is well rated for its execution in one of the professional test it underwent. The E-330 comprises of an aggregate cooking area of 637 square inches. This specific model incorporates both a side burner and a sear burner. This makes it a flexible choice for various grilling tasks. You should also note that, unlike other sear burners, the Weber Genesis EP-330 sear burner can likewise be utilized as an essential cooking surface. There are notable few remarks from proprietors who said the side burner was a lifeline amid power blackouts.


A safe grill to utilize and to clean. Reviews from clients are almost consistent about how simple Weber Genesis E-330 is in terms of functionality. Genesis EP-330 also has nicely positioned knobs, starters work reliably and easy and quick to clean. It’s likewise simple to light, you simply adjust the knobs and it lights with a single push of the button. Other users take note of that the casters work easily, and the gas-level pointer is exact and exceptionally clear to read. Genesis EP-330 uses a propane gas tank; however there are various other versions that allow the user to connect it directly to a natural gas line, dispensing with the effort and cost of having to refill the gas now and then, yet adding to the underlying expense, particularly if you have employ to contractor to make the connection.


Similar to other genesis grills, the Weber Genesis E-330 must be utilized with a lot of caution and as per the direction manual. There are however no specific security issues to worry about apart from those associated with every other gas grill. The E-330 is durable enough, with a sturdy feel and solid construct. For maintenance you should regularly clean the insect screen and ensure the consistency of the flame patterns. Genesis EP-330 has a warranty of 2 years for some components but for aluminum casting, the warranty goes up to 25yrs.

Minor issue 

One thing we need to call attention to is that there has been reported some resistance on the knobs. A few individuals have said that they unintentionally turned the gas on by essentially pulling a cover over the barbecue. You should be watchful on this to ensure you do not accidentally turn on the gas knobs. Obviously, for security purpose, you ought to kill the gas at the tank after you’re done with cooking.