Weber Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill (57060001) Review

The Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill is part of Webers impressive Q Series range of Grills. It’s basically a smaller more portable version of some of the other Q models available so it’s for people who want to go out tailgating and camping as well as cook in the backyard. It’s been advertised by Weber as a Grill that maintained the quality of the Q Series, with a little extra flexibility and I wanted to see if that claim was true.

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  • Easy to Clean
  • Cast-Iron Grates
  • Great Food
  • Fast Cook Times
  • High Heat
  • Fast Assembly Time


  • Plastic Shelves
  • 393 Square Inches

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Weber Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill (57060001) Review:


It is a wonderful looking design and many people will be accustomed to this from Weber. You get a cooking area with two side shelves positioned on either side. It should be noted that the side shelves aren’t really that spacious and they are plastic which may prove a durability issue in the future. They don’t, however, get heated up like metal shelves do so they are safer to use which might be a plus point for many buyers. The measurements are 30×50.2×55.5 and the weight is 83 pounds which means they delivered on the portability even though they opted for a large cooking surface. Keeping the weight down was an excellent achievement on the part of Weber because that’s the main appeal of a Grill like this.


Adding to the portability is the assembly or non-assembly which may be a better term because all you have to do is fold it out and put a few screws in and you’re ready to cook. It’s that simple so you don’t need to pre-assemble before you go camping or tailgating; we’re talking about a 10-minute job.

At 393 square inches, you’re not getting a huge surface party grill that’ll serve the whole neighborhood. Buyers should know that at this size you’ll feed the family and a few friends but not many more except of course if you don’t mind throwing on another batch of food after the first batch is done. You do however get quality; there’s some wonderful Weber Cast-iron Grates here and only Weber can make Grates that retain heat as well as this. They’re of the right thickness to disperse heat around the surface evenly and quickly. The presence of these superb Grates means that the power of 21.000 BTU’s an hour which seems rather low, isn’t an issue at all and the cook times are further sped up by the domed lid which keeps heat in well.

It also has those amazing Weber features like handles that light up in the dark and hooks for tools, so you never lose anything. It’s little features like these that make Weber products popular because what do you need when you’re cooking a little snack before bed on a camping trip when the fire is low and all you’ve got is moonlight? You need handles that light up right? And hooks so you’re not feeling around the campsite for a Spatula. Weber gives you hooks.

Everything is Porcelain Enamelled here so you get easy cleaning, and the 2 Burners are made of good grade Steel so they’ll be durable. The Thermometer is the same one they’ve used on the entire Q range and it’s reasonably accurate. You’ll be quite surprised by the speed of heating because the Weber Q3200 works its way up to 500 Degrees in between 2 and 5 minutes. This makes it one of the fastest portable BBQ’s in America.

The Verdict

Despite the misgivings, I had about the plastic shelves and even though there’s no huge cooking area, you have a great grill with lots of portability. 393 square inches, 21,000 BTU’s an hour, Quick cooking, and a great beginner’s friendly electronic ignition make the Q3200 very user-friendly. The Cast-Iron Grates and the Domed Lid that each contribute to the excellent cooking environment really take the meats to the next level and make up for the fact that you don’t have a 500 square inch unit. Overall I’d say the benefits vastly outweigh the flaws of the Q3200 and when you add the convenience features like the glow in the dark handles, you have yourself a supreme grill.