Weber Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill Review

When Weber started making grills, the entire outdoor cooking industry took a giant leap forward, and since then, they’ve been dedicated to consistent improvement. The Spirit E210 is a perfect example of this company ethos; Weber has looked at their 2013 Spirit E210 and decided that although it was a popular product, there where some things about it, that weren’t absolutely perfect. So, they re-designed, re-modeled, re-imagined, and added a few extra features that the 2013 grill didn’t have. I wanted to see if these changes were successful, and if so, what practical benefits did they offer consumers? The following Weber 46110001 review is an account of what I found out when I used the new and improved Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill for the first time.


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  • Quick start electronic ignition
  • Expensive looking design
  • Easy Set-up
  • Visible Thermometer
  • High powered cooking (26,500 BTU an hour)
  • Amazing quality heavy cast iron grates
  • Very easy to clean


  • Quite heavy, but it really is a quality design and light grills are usually cheaply made

Weber Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill Review (Official Site):


The E210 is 32 inches in length, by 50 inches of width, and has a height of 63 inches with the lid open. The cooking area comes to 360 square inches, but the E210 has a rather large rack for warming food, so the total cooking area is a massive 450 square inches. So, your looking at a weight of 119 pounds, but it’s made out of good standard stainless steel, and the cooking parts are covered in porcelain enamel. The overall design of the grill is typically Weber, in that it’s very pleasing to look at, but also it’s extremely functional.

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Grill assembly is something I dread. I’m sure most people have bought a brand new grill, got home excited to fire it up, then opened an assembly book, with instructions that look like complicated engineering schematics. Even the most ardent grill enthusiasts have these problems, but Weber has simplified the whole process with the gas line already assembled for buyers, and easy to follow instructions for the attachment of the other parts. The only tool one needs to complete the assembly is a Phillips screwdriver. Total time was 45 minutes from opening the box to firing it up; a very short time for a grill assembly.

After assembly, I dragged the E210 a few feet out into the garden to start cooking. It’s 119 pounds, so although I did it on my own, it should be a two person job, and I found myself wishing it was lighter, which was something I felt guilty about once I started cooking. 

The first changes from the 2013 model that is immediately noticeable, is that the control panel has been shifted to the front of the grill, and the two burners light up quicker because the ignition is faster; these changes make it easier to use. They’re minor changes, but represent a warm-up act for the heavy cast iron grates. The grill grates on the E210, are perhaps the best on the market; you’ll only find similar grates on high-end grills costing 3 times as much as this, so their inclusion is tremendous and very surprising. 

What’s so important about grates? Well, grill grates hold heat inside of them at a consistent temperature, so they can cook meat, evenly, to a high standard, and in the shortest possible time. Ever wondered why every time you go to a friends house, it takes half an hour to cook a steak? It’s because he has terrible grates, that don’t hold enough heat and have some parts that are hotter than others. The key is getting the thickness exactly right and Weber hit a home run here, with these grill grates you’re guaranteed to cook the best tasting meat. 

Another thing that’s worth a mention here is the cooking surface. It’s 360 square inches, which is very large, and this goes out to 450 inches when you add the warming rack, so buyers won’t have a problem cooking for the whole family, and indeed a few friends, on the E210. I cooked a 25-pound turkey, with vegetables and had easily enough space. The flavorizer bars are also very high quality on the E210 and are another improvement on the 2013 model. Flavorizer bars, are Webers unique creation and serve to vaporize drippings that would normally hit the flames, causing smoke to rise into the meat. Turkeys have lots of juices, and the flavorizer bars worked efficiently, catching juice, or diverting it away from the flames. 

After cooking, the Weber 4611001 was also easy to clean thanks to the porcelain coating cooking surface, which has become a company standard in recent years.


Overall I had an excellent experience cooking with the Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill. The assembly is easy and once you’ve gotten its 119 pounds into position for cooking, you’re going to be cooking the best meat you’ve ever tasted. Thanks to the grates, everything will be cooked evenly, quickly, and will be filled with wonderful flavor. The flavorizer bars will take care of the drippings, so food never tastes like smoke, and space is in abundance. I like this one enough to add it on my list of the best propane grills. A highly recommended purchase.