Tips for Hibachi Cooking On a Grill

A hibachi grill grilling barbeque

If you have a small space but love the taste of charcoal-grilled foods, the hibachi grill can be the best choice. When it comes to providing maximum grilling efficiency, few grills can beat the blast-furnace heat of the compact Japanese-style grill known as the hibachi. Without it, there would be no yakitori … Read more

Tips for Grilling with a Cast Iron Skillet

Chicken grilled in a cast iron pan

Cast iron skillets were designed for cooking over an open fire, so it makes sense that we can use them on the grill from time to time too. While there’s great appeal to the idea of cooking everything directly on the grill under an open fire, there are some instances when using … Read more

Can You Use a Pizza Stone on a Grill?

Pizza on a stone being grilled

You don’t need to order every time you want pizza – you can go out to your backyard and grill it yourself with the help of your trusty grill and pizza stone. Yes, a pizza stone on top of a grill! Though pizza stones are typically used in an oven,  it’s also an … Read more

Tips and Tricks to Use a Grill Pan

Tips and Tricks to Use a Grill Pan-jpeg

Grill pans are one of the most useful cookware which you must have in the kitchen. Don’t have a patio or it’s too hot to barbecue outside? A grill pan is the answer to your barbecue cravings without having to go outside. Vegetables, steaks, burger patties… you name it, they can all … Read more

A Guide to Grilling Lobster Tails

Grilling process of delicious seafood

Lobsters come from a family of Nephropid, also known as Hominidae. Lobsters are having long bodies. They have muscular tails. As seafood, they are highly-priced and they are economically important. The sweetest part of the lobster is its tail with the biggest portion of meat. To enjoy the delicacy of grilled lobster … Read more

A Guide to Grilling Salmon

grill meat

Salmon is classified as an oily fish having rich content of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. There are two types of salmon available in the market. One is farmed and the other wild salmon is differentiated in the terms of food safety and quality. The farmed salmon is not richer in natural … Read more

How To Grill a Medium Rare Steak

A piece of meat sliced across the muscle fibers known as steak is loved by a lot of people. It is sometimes having a bone in it. Some people grill the steak or have pan-fried steak. It is grilled to replicate the flavor steak that is cooked over burning coals in an … Read more

Top 15 Grilling Tips from The Experts


Your backyard appliance can be overwhelming if you have worked on it before or you are a beginner. Cooking food over fire can be observed at the beginning of time. It means that grilling is the basic and original method of cooking. It is a privilege that we don’t have to cook … Read more

How to Clean a Gas Grill

How to Clean a Gas Grill

The summer season is usually barbecue time in the United States, which is why barbecue appliances and utensils like grills are often used frequently during parties or special events with loved ones. While the BBQ party itself is fun, cleaning up right after the party is not, according to most BBQ hosts. … Read more

Guide to Smoking Meats

A person grilling and smoking meat

Grilling meats is all well and good, but you probably want to step up your game by giving the smoking method a try. If you master this skill, your barbeque parties and recipes are probably going to be the talk of the town. If you’ve never smoked meats before, the chances are … Read more