Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Gas Grill Review

To say Dyna-Glo where enthusiastic about their new DGB390SNP-3 Smart Space Living 3-Burner LP Gas Grill, is an understatement. They almost seemed like they’d transported themselves back to 10 seconds before midnight on 31st December 1999. In their absolute excitement and with an absurd clarity they exclaimed at the top of their voices “Welcome to the next level of performance”. It’s fair to say they loved it. I’m sure the whole Dyna-Glo manufacturing team have one of these at home and they clean it every day to keep it shiny. But it is good? Is it all hype? Is it good for regular Joe’s like you and me? Well, I’ll be going through the nuts of bolts of this thing with you right here right now. I assure you, my friends, your questions will be answered.
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  • Beautiful Cast-Iron Grates
  • Commercial Standard Burners
  • 36000 BTU
  • Nice Looking Design
  • 503 Square Inches of Cooking Space
  • Easy to Clean
  • Electronic Ignition



  • Long Assemble
  • Not Much Room

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Now, bear in mind this is designed for people who have little space but want a large surface Grill. It’s for that fast-paced lifestyle lived by folks with things to do and a great number of gadgets already. They (according to Dyna-Glo) want a Grill that’ll roll out easily and roll back into a very tight space. And, Dyna-Glo has succeeded in creating a Grill which does all that. It measures 45 inches by 49 inches by 22 inches, which is pretty compact. And, unusually for Grills, it has great wheels that aren’t going to buckle under pressure. The storage space underneath has been trimmed down to keep with the overall size focused ethos of the design. As have the Shelves which I’ll talk about more later. It’s durable, compact and the Stainless Steel used is of a good Standard. Full marks to Dyna-Glo on the design.



There’s a bit of work to be done here. Although the cooking unit comes fully-assembled, you still have to build the Cart and put on the Wheels which is a time-consuming task. Then you have to attach the Cart to the cooking unit which takes more time. The whole thing can be done in 1 and a half hours.

Cooking Space

You get 503 Square Inches of space making this one of the largest Grills under 400 dollars. This space is split between a 400 Square Inch primary cooking area and a 103 Inch Secondary cooking space. The Secondary space is raised up above the primary area and can be used as a Warming Rack. For around 260 dollars this is bags of space.


Before we get into some of the problems which are mainly space-related, I wanted to go through the cooking experience with you. It’s outstanding. The Grates are gorgeous Cast Iron and the whole thing looks like a Commercial Grill you’d find at a restaurant. It’s actually really beautiful inside. the Grates have a wonderful thickness to them and they hold and disperse heat very well, for even and fast cooking.

3 Burners

To help the speed along a little more, they’ve put in Tubed Grates. A few Grills these days have them but not many. Each Burner occupies 1 third of the cooking space and each one is protected by a heated tent. Rather than radiating heat from a center-point as Circular Burners do. Tubed Burners run along the entire inside of the Grill from front to back, and their surface completely lights up on the ignition to provide a consistently strong even heat. Exquisite Burners like these guarantee evenness of cooking because rather than dispersing; the heat is rising and cooking. This will provide consistently good fast results especially in meats which will retain their natural juices and taste amazing. The Burners like the Grates are also Commercial Grade products providing 12,000 BTU’s each an hour.

When you put together the Burners and the Grates you get some of the fastest cooked, best food out there. But it’s not all good news.

Limited Space

Side Shelves

They’re pretty small to save space so you’re not going to fit much on these. But you’ll get a Tray or Plate on each of them so you can start serving out food. You’ll also be able to fit a few Beers on them for while you cook, or some spare Gas. They’re just not going to be able to fit everything you might want around you while cooking. They do hold 25 pounds though and this will be great news to people who have suffered the nightmare of collapsing Side Shelves before. It’s a common Grilling accident. Most Side Shelves only hold around 10 pounds.

Tool Bars

Somewhat making up for the small Side Shelves, they’ve put in Bars on each side of the cooking area. You can hook all your Tools on these. Things like: Spatula’s, Knives, Tongs etc.

Storage Space

Underneath you’ve got a small cupboard area. It’s compact which is basically another word for small, but you can fit various kitchen utensils, plates, foods. porn mags whatever else you might need underneath there. Not the biggest cupboard in the world.


If you want what may be the smallest Grill in the world with over 500 Square Inches of cooking space, then this is for you. If you have 4 kids and very little room to move then this is for you. It’s also for you if you want some of the best tasting meats or any foods for that matter in the grilling world. The Grates and the Burners are phenomenal. Both are Commercial Grade and both disperse heat evenly and effortlessly. But if you want lots of storage space or Side Shelf space then it’s not for you. You won’t be able to fit much on this, so for all your stuff, you’ll have to pull up a table. The assembly is more time-consuming than it should have been because it comes in parts. So if you don’t like long assemblies then give this a miss. But for sheer taste and speed, all I can say is Dyna-Glo where right to be enthused. Thank you for reading.