George Foreman GFO240S Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill Review

All George Forman grills have some of the following features: they are easy to use, simple in design, and cook great tasting food, although the variety of dishes can sometimes be limited. From its inception, the brand has been aimed at casual grillers, who want to entertain friends in a way that is not time-consuming. This doesn’t mean ‘no thrills’ cooking, and it would be unfair to the brand, to place them in this category, as in many cases, George Forman grills have some advanced features. It means simplicity, ease of operation, excellent results, and a fair price. This George Forman GFO240S Review will hopefully help buyers assess whether or not they should purchase one.


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  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Non-stick for easy cleaning
  • Serves 15
  • Adequate size cooking surface
  • The stand can be removed


  • There’s a limit to what can be cooked, because of the sloped cooking surface
  • Lacks the traditional grill experience

George Foreman GFO240S Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill Review:


The good news on the size and weight is that this is about as portable as it gets. The measurements are 27.9cm in length, by 50.8cm of width, and it’s 52.1cm high, with a weight of only 9kg. As far as grills go, this is light as a feather, and that’s the George Forman brand; these grills are perfect for those who live in apartments, or travel a lot and want to take the grilling experience with them. In terms of design, this does not have the aesthetics of other brands, but the GFO240S succeeds on a practical and functional level.

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The assembly here can be done in under 30 minutes, and although there is some work to do, the instructions are clear and there’s not really any major mistakes that can be made, because of the simplicity of the design. One of the major reasons people use electric grills is that one can cook both indoors and outdoors, whereas it’s completely impractical and somewhat unsafe to take a charcoal grill indoors. Electric grills offer the taste of grilled food on both rainy and sunny days, so for people who live in colder, wetter climates, they become, by necessity, the grill of choice. Being the only 9kg, the GFO240S is particularly easy to move from point to point and so is more fitted to this kind of use than other portable electric grills

A major drawback of owning an electric grill is that you don’t get the experience of applying charcoal to a grill, and firing it up. For many people, this is an important part of the grilling ritual, and something they don’t wish to lose, so this might not be the grill for them. Other’s see the safety angle of using electricity, and the versatility discussed above, so ask yourself, what is important to me, in a grill?

Next, I want to take buyers through the pro’s and con’s of the sloped grilling surface on this model. For meats the sloping surface allows juices to run off, so what you get to eat is just the meat you wanted. However, if you’re planning on cooking anything less solid, like an egg, it’ll glide off the cooking surface. That said, meats taste really good, and are as good on the George Forman GFO240S, as on charcoal grills. The GFO240S also heats up to 500 Fahrenheit very quickly, for cooking to commence in a speedy fashion, and it has an even distribution of heat, so hotspots, or concentrations of heat, common on some charcoal grills, are non-existent on the George Forman.

Other plus points are the 240 square inch cooking area and the moisture retention. Most grills damage the moisture barrier of meats, but the aim is to reduce this, so buyers get a moist tender result. This George Forman grill, produces amazing meats, with terrific moisture retention, and the taste is great. The other piece of good news is that buyers can make pizza. Turn it down to low heat, and although it’s not designed to cook pizza, it is a rounded surface, and I successfully made one.

Cleaning is very easy, with grease dripping off into a pan, and the non-stick surface means just a wipe down will be sufficient.


The George Foreman GFO240S costs less than $90, is very portable, and can be used safely indoors and outdoors. It heats up to cooking temperature quickly and cooks food evenly, Although you can’t make eggs and other less solid food because of the sloped surface, meats are incredibly tasty, and at 240 square inches, there’s enough room for vegetables and other foods. A recommended purchase.